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I've started collecting the pop-art AVX2 accelerating ctx is turning the ctx test compositing intoat

Quick reminder (or clarification) about the workflow on SourceHut

GitHub has trained you to open issues for *everything*, including support requests, asking questions, feature requests, bug reports, and so on.

On SourceHut, you should not do this. We have mailing lists, and your first stop should be a project-discuss or project-users mailing list. Only when you have confirmed that you have a new bug or accepted feature request should you file a ticket on the bug tracker. This prevents clogging up the bug tracker with duplicate or poorly thought-out tickets, and usually gets you better support for your problem too.

Thinking about changing the default permissions for trackers to prohibit public posting to re-enforce this.

Typewriter art: some, but not all of the constraints of ASCII art, reproducible through knitting like recipies


#mozilla has done a lot of good for the web, but the hybrid "for-profit owned by non-profit" model is and always has been a mistake.

You get the worst of both worlds -- a layer of nonprofit bureaucracy on top of for-profit business practices, compensation structures, and decision-making.

It reflects Mozilla's history, being born in the ideological swamp of hypercapitalist Silicon Valley, which frowns upon nonprofits, and which pursues profit, growth & "disruption" above all else.

Honestly the vibe at HN in the past year or so has become obscenely bootlicker. The capitalist worship, anti-freedom and anti-FOSS, support for China so long as it makes money... it's on another level lately. I should just quit the site, I can't deal with it

@klardotsh @tija I didn't say that they deserve to vanish. I said the world would be a better place if they did.

My sincerest fuckings to the megacorp rank and file programmers, quit your job and work somewhere else already you morally bankrupt pricks

*Opens random email* “Pls help I’m getting these errors!!!" [screenshot of system errors]

Me: I’m confused, are you getting these when you run Site.js as a daemon?

Reply: No, whenever I use my Linux laptop. Pls help! [another screenshot]

Me: ??! *sigh* *looks at second screenshot* OK, sounds like your hard disk is dying.

First test to produce our own #birdview to collect cartographic data with Could be seen also as a reenactment of actions "to ask about the material #economy behind the data. What are the conditions that make a data #visualization possible? Who are the funders? Who collected the #data? Whose labor happened behind the scenes and under what conditions?" grouped in this article from various #feminist practices.
Five 15eur big ballons instead of three is better, the weight of the tether escalades quickly.
#aerialphotography #cartography

Hi Fediverse 👋

hope you are fine while we are approaching the weekend 🙂

Let's make it colourful with:

- #GIMP and @glimpse / Raster graphics editors 🎨
- #darktable / Raw photo editor 📷
- #blender / @blender / 3D creation suite 🖥️
- #LibreOffice / @libreoffice / Office suite 📄
- #Inkscape / @inkscape / Vector graphics editor ⛰️

Have a nice time and maybe do something creative and fun if you feel like it 🌻

#ff #art #mastoart #floss

Facemasks in the new Gnome store is fun!

But, this is yet another store with merch for a good cause that don't say anything about how their stuff is produced.

Since the clothing industry is terrible, with inhumane, dangerous conditions, even slavery, and terrible environmental impacts, I just don't understand why so many take so lightly on this. Ethical conditions aren't even expensive. I won't support slavery, so I can't buy merch I don't know how is produced.

That's why I love @aptgetshirt.

I've started collecting the pop-art AVX2 accelerating ctx is turning the ctx test compositing intoat

GIMP has quite a few features that are not very much visible to end-users and sometimes downright difficult to make obvious. Doing basic math calculations in the input fields is one of them. Basically, you can write '2467+7893', press TAB, and GIMP will compute the sum for you. So I did a video about this feature with slightly more details than that :)

We've been asked if we could quickly implement new features in so that it could replace , which has been doing shady things. We can't and we don't want to. Encouraging people to pay for a specific issue to be solved is problematic, it creates bad incentives instead of providing stable funding for the proper maintenance and development of a project. If you still think bounties are a good idea, then you can try to revive

Just have published a quick video about the Vignette filter update and the new Focus Blur / Variable Blur filters in upcoming GIMP v2.10.20 (to be out really soon now). This is a very basic intro for now, all this new stuff clearly deserves a more in-depth coverage!

By the way, I hope the tilt-shift part wasn't too distracting. I think I really had to point out we are talking only about a subset of what the real gear can do :)

Seeking feedback from color blind/deficient people on

A terminal color scheme constrained to be near de-facto standards while providing internal contrast for for dichromats and contrasting text for all colors on both black and white background.

If this works well it can be used as a decent default palette; allowing color vision deficient operators to see contrast in TUIs and syntax highlighting using default colors.

Don't you ever think that open source software activism is not a "real world" issue

"Hospitals Need to Repair Ventilators. Manufacturers Are Making That Impossible"

Missing /dev/audio? Piping of raw 8khz 8bit ulaw audio data gets integrated with terminal escape sequences and gains network transparency with


Are you in the #OpenSourceDesign room at #Fosdem right now? Did you wish there was more space to talk and discuss? Were you left outside because the room was full?

Join us at Libre Graphics Meeting in a few months in Rennes, France. #LGM2020


The Norwegian public broadcaster NRK is showing 9 days of continuous video from Svalbard these days, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Svalbard Treaty.

Nice to keep on in the background (with Firefox's new-ish picture-in-picture feature) #NRKsvalbard #slowTV #OpenStreetMap #iDeditor

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