also just realised that mastodon became like a thing where i usually vent 🤔

by now fixing this problem doesn't seem like an option, its easier for me to just sit on imageboards where fucking nobody can know who the fuck i am.

mfw im so scared of people that when i made something for a dude i really like and posted it @ them after about 5 hours i was nervously scrolling through my dashboard praying to gods that he didn't see it and deleting it

ツツam i dreaming?シシ

woke up about 3 hours ago, i dont have any motivation to train or something, to change my lifestyle. seems easier to die from heart attack or some shit lol.
also thought about coming back to learning japanese, especially because its summer now, and i have alot((actually not that much already)) time.

just realised something.
i really need to change my lifestyle.
right now i was playing osu, and just from intensively pressing buttons and dragging my tablet pen around, i started to heavily breathe.
like what the fuck i cant even handle dragging a fucking tablet pen.
good night for now, i will try to think what to do about it when i wake up.

for some reason i want to make some cds with strange designs.
i dont even have anything to put on those cds.

goreshit has a show in Russia, i live pretty close to it, but i cant travel to it rn.

oh and also, guys with hacked 3ds probably would like to use this instead of themely, because creator of themely is just a spastic kid that even tried to put ads in his homebrew, sad.

actually the thing i posted before shouldn't be revealed to public 🤔

just reminded myself that i wanted to quit osu after i pass "Fairytale," mapped by moph.
since i got reminded about that, i will.

he didn't even tried to hide that grabify link this time
the only question i have is if he did it specially or is he's actually retarded 🤔

wasted a hour into a LoL match that i carried
im never playing league again that was so fucking terrible god

to be honest i still dont get it why people dont want to install CFW on their 3ds??
Like if not pirating, then atleast you get free streaming and there's no minuses in it. you just need a good internet connection and you can easily stream without worrying about getting a capture card.
And you can download fan translations for some japanese/etc. games like i just did with neko atsume.
It's the same as a stock FW, but you also get some cool features.

i have a strong will to get out and find a printing company that i will use to print myself all four lainzines 🤔

thinking about today i realised that i havent tooted that much today so i think i'll remind y'all that..
i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks i love dicks

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