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The new release of Signal has support for encrypting and sending arbitrary files. That's a very big deal: for many users it has long been an unsolved problem to securely share documents or recordings, and now it's as easy and sending a text. Update out now for Desktop, iOS, and Android!

I went to the climbing gym for the second time in a week after almost eight months' break and I have no more arms now they are all broken climbing is a stupid sport for dumb masochists

*schedules another trip for Thursday*

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Cautiously curious bird site user: should I try this mastodon thing you've been talking about?


Was lured onto LinkedIn tonight by a friend who wanted to gossip about a mutual friend's career developments. Boy, I forget how much I hate the way That World talks and thinks. My profile fits in perfectly, which is to say that it's utterly insufferable and self-important, and I can't believe I spent four years learning (among other things) how to be that vacuous.

I didn't have the heart to rewrite my profile so I just deleted a bunch of stuff.

I keep going to sleep early hoping that I'll wake up with enough energy to not feel like a useless lump for a day and it keeps not happening and now I'm really wondering how much longer I can keep using "sleep debt"/"burnout" as an excuse.

This is probably related to me being sick to my teeth of working from home full time going on four years now.

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Like I think our apartment is about 650 sq ft for two humans and a cat and I would like another maybe 100 sq ft for a bigger dining area and another book case, but I don't know that I need much more. There's a 3 bedroom for sale in our building and quite apart from the outrageous asking price I realized I don't actually want that kind of space, that ideally any home office of mine would sit empty most of the time.

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I'm having the startling realization that I will never have a big enough home that I will be content being there most of the time I'm not at school/work. I think this is why I've always had tiny spaces when I lived on my own - I like going to the library and coffee shops and bookstores and not being at home. And I think part of my struggle here in Vancouver is that I feel stifled by my apartment, but I don't have the time or energy to be anywhere else.

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Most images from the Fediverse aren't loading for me on the timeline (in Web or Amaroq). Anybody else on having that issue?

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do you ever just like

go outside

and immediately realise that the shit you argue about online doesn't matter to anyone around you

hey everyone I wrangled my friend @Vainto into joining Masto please go be nice to her for she is a Good Egg.

I have had a huge blister on the roof of my mouth for about three days and drinking anything hot or acidic results in stabbing pain which rules out coffee and soda and booze so I'm just going to lie down and die now.

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I hate the feeling of knowing I will comprehend some difficult idea over a prolonged period of time as I study it, but not comprehending it right away no matter how hard I try. im a dumb millennial who only wants immediately digestible ideas, guilty as charged. whatever

GUYS I just finished my last exam I am fucking done this terrible term of terrible interminable winter malaise and I (sort of) get two weeks off now so time to drink beer and binge Yuri On Ice finally AW YEAHHHHH

I just finished my second to last final in which I had to write regex by hand and it was worth 10% of the grade and excuse me professor I think you'll find this contravenes the geneva convention

Serious question: how big would the newsletter need to get (in terms of # of subscribers) before it's something I actually put on my resume?

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Mastodon and race 

It has only been a year since my half sleeve that cost me low four digits and I already want another one. This is utterly financially unsustainable so I will desist (though I do plan on getting at least one in YVR for commemorative reasons) but it is v addicting.

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The gifs will continue to loop long after we're gone @phire

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