Hi buds, migrating over to @phire if you would like to come say hi!

@hellojed I have found the former of limited use but the latter is great. 1000 IU per day.

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If you've read this, you are now under THE CURSE OF ERIS

You must make five quality shitposts in a row TO BREAK THIS SPELL

If you do not, nothing will happen, because this hex doesn't do anything.

It’s weird what influences social media patterns. I last stoped using Mastodon around the time that I quit my job, but also when Googlebro was a thing, so all my newly available energy went to dealing with that in various communities, which means I had even less energy overall than before.

@eskay8 Another great benefit of Patreon is that if you have an income, the pledges you support get taken out of that, so it’s one less layer of transaction fee.

If we are using Masto as the anti-Twitter both in sentiment and in action can we get rid of tweetstorms and bring back blog posts if you really need more than 100 words

Finally watched the original Blade Runner (director’s cut) for the first time tonight. General verdict: I’m glad I watched it, I’m glad I read Androids before I did, and I don’t particularly expect to watch it again.

Hmm Amaroq is doing a thing where I only see toots from 1-2 users on my stream. Or is that Masto?

@afabulous @ericvonfoerster oh hey I missed this! It’s tinyletter.com/phire and today is a good day to sign up because there’s actually good news!!

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Black Roman Britains and the amazing myopia of racists 

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@mala I think the way this particular item was distributed goes beyond "having an opinion" into "creating a hostile workplace", and the question then becomes how do you handle being fair to everyone who now has to work with him.

dental procedures 

SHARK, BURSTING OUT: hey guys are we gonna talk about federated networks or what

Dark source material and videogames 

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