It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I'm completely sober implementing video JS on a Drupal site AMA

@phire YOU'VE GOT THIS! I've been there too (two gigs ago I was maintaining multi-tenant drupal instances). Then, the drinking can happen.

@brandon sometimes I'm like "if I get super into Drupal I'll have job security for my entire career" and then I'm like ugh no

@phire I getcha. On the other hand, based on the words you've been saying on this internet website it sounds as though you have the experience to do other things!

@brandon You are sweet! I think I'm mostly just anxious at the thought of a year off work while I finish school and still being employable even though 6 years of work experience + new degree = awesome.

@phire FWIW I did An Inadvisable Thing which consisted of working more than ever while finishing school (last fall). Like, for the particular situation I was in it worked out, but if I could do it again, I would not do it that way. Not working for your last year is a safe and reasonable and good thing to do.

@brandon I'm quite frankly amazed I've lasted so far. I historically do not juggle school and work well and I have a somewhat senior position at work so I'm working more than I'm billing AND worrying about my team in the meantime. I know for sure I can't keep doing this. But it's hard interrupting your career when you're already in the track, y'know?

@phire Preach. I literally went through this same set o' thoughts about six months ago and made particular decisions that were variously good and less good on this front. In short, do whatever feels right. Glad to chat about stuff like this if it's helpful, but, yeah, it's more than a toot's worth of thoughts. :)

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