Hi buds, migrating over to @phire@xoxo.zone if you would like to come say hi!

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If you've read this, you are now under THE CURSE OF ERIS

You must make five quality shitposts in a row TO BREAK THIS SPELL

If you do not, nothing will happen, because this hex doesn't do anything.

It’s weird what influences social media patterns. I last stoped using Mastodon around the time that I quit my job, but also when Googlebro was a thing, so all my newly available energy went to dealing with that in various communities, which means I had even less energy overall than before.

If we are using Masto as the anti-Twitter both in sentiment and in action can we get rid of tweetstorms and bring back blog posts if you really need more than 100 words

Finally watched the original Blade Runner (director’s cut) for the first time tonight. General verdict: I’m glad I watched it, I’m glad I read Androids before I did, and I don’t particularly expect to watch it again.

Hmm Amaroq is doing a thing where I only see toots from 1-2 users on my stream. Or is that Masto?

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Black Roman Britains and the amazing myopia of racists 

Of course, this has spawned numerous blog posts and tweet threads, but what no one has just said (and I wish they would), was that Black Roman Britains were too upper class (generals, governors, etc., brought in from elsewhere to rule over the Britains) to have stuck around when the empire collapsed. Soldiers would have been needed elsewhere and bureaucrats had to go somewhere where they could be paid.

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SHARK, BURSTING OUT: hey guys are we gonna talk about federated networks or what

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I wonder if twitter will turn into facebook
that is
you stick around cause you just have to keep in touch with people, but not very energetically

hi masto I miss you but I've been so stressed that I've been on the verge of a panic attack for approx three weeks straight and j did not have bandwidth for another Thing in my life

but lbr masto is way less stressful than any other social media so who am I kidding

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#AmericanGods the novel: Isn't it odd that this country has so many eccentric roadside attractions?

#AmericanGods the TV series: Isn't it impressive how fucked this country is, on a fundamental level, to literally mythic proportions

2.5 hours is a long-ass time for a lecture about C++. Doing this three times a week is going to be ~*great*~.

One of the things I find most fascinating about the birdsite is how fast culture propagates, and how quickly it gets remixed to the point where tweets only make sense if you know a very specific set of Internet touch points. But at the same time, it's sort of an un-humour that's based on recognition rather than any actual wittiness. It's saying "a-ha, I too was here for this moment, I participated".

if you are a cash-only bar in TYOOL 2017 ima assume you're running a black market for human organs in your back room

I always want to use the weekend to catch up on work or projects but then if I actually have a really productive weekend (like this weekend) I resent that I didn't get a break. One might suspect that the problem in this equation is not the work.

It's a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I'm completely sober implementing video JS on a Drupal site AMA

Also go watch Guardians 2 it is not as good as Guardians 1 but then again what is

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I unfollowed an acquaintance on the birb site because they were unceasingly negative and now our mutuals are complaining to me about them trashing Guardians 2 non stop so I'm feeling p good about my life choices

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I ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT FOLLOW FRIDAY. To celebrate, here are some of my closest pals and a song that EITHER describes our relationship on this website OR is a song they would despise. Which? YOU DECIDE!
@max@octodon.social: The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades
@aemarc: Fly Like a G6
@myles & @jennijoeyo the Windows XP startup chime
@tcql: We Are Family
@phire: The Complete Discography of Simon and Garfunkel

I'm sorry, I adore you all, but I'm still sorry <3

politics, health care 

Hey so the House votes on the revised ACA repeal bill tomorrow and Repubs probably have enough votes to pass it. The bill would cost about 24 million Americans their health care, strip protections for pre-existing conditions, in exchange for almost $1 trillion in tax cuts.

Here's a brief summary of the impact and what you can do: tinyletter.com/phire/letters/h If you're American, call and fax and tweet and march. This is not a drill.

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