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Did anyone actually ever use Lightscribe? :D

So what are the cool new instances for software and nerds like me? 😂

Finally found some time to start a project based on and +
Is somebody willing to and an icon for it?
The app will be and

can be both, very exciting and boring as hell. Today, well, unfortunately the latter.

@jupiterbroadcasting Just want to let you guys know that I really like the fact of seeing you here. Even though, Chris doesn't like Mastodon that much 😜

Having to sync the whole blockchain can be a pain. Day 3 now. But, it's worth it.

Trying something dorky this week. This Friday: a video of me reading Linux poetry.

Along with my poems... I think it'd be cool to read some from the community. Specifically short stuff. Limerick, Haiku, etc.

Reply here so I see 'em.

Will this be cool? Who knows! :)

First I was disappointed that NoScript doesn't work with Firefox 57 anymore. Then I discovered uMatrix and I love it! You can not only control what domain can run scripts but also what type of media you want to allow from them. So you can allow scripts, but no cookies for example.

Found in #IRC:

"apparently people are getting around Chrome and Firefox telling everyone that non-HTTPS password fields are 'not secure' by just using regular text fields. they change the font on the text field to 'text-security-disc', which is apparently a font that exists of all bullets and looks just like traditional password fields."

How about instead of investing time and effort into schemes like these, you just ROLL OUT #HTTPS FOR FSCK'S SAKE!

#InfoSec #DevOps #SysAdmin

Super excited for the @Purism Librem 5 phone! It will be a dream come true! I nerdgasm so hard over this type of thing.

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