Anyone else uses ? What do you like about it the most?

@pgoldenbogen yes I'm using Gnome3 and what I really like is that it gets out of my way. To start an application, simply press Super key and type the first characters. Done. On other environments you have first configure too much. Gnome simply works for me. And visually I also find it also very appealing... #Gnome #Linux #GNU

@dubst3pp4 Thanks for your opinion. I was using Gnome3 for nearly 3 years. I then tried KDE again. I switched all my systems to KDE in the same week. Gnome is still a DE I really like. But KDE works slightly better for my workflow now. All I had to add by extensions is just standard in KDE.

@dubst3pp4 Same for me. You should. Even if it just proves that Gnome is still "your" DE.

@pgoldenbogen I'm using KDE Plasma at my working machine for one week now and it's indeed a pleasure to work with! Until now it is very stable and fast! The only annoying thing (which was also annoying the last time I used KDE) are the "dozens" of indexing services (Akonadi, Baloo) that are started by default and which I had to disable first, because disk-io on my machine is very expensive ;-) #Linux #KDE #Plasma

@pgoldenbogen But on my private machine I will stick with #Gnome. I think it is a good idea to use both worlds - the same as I use #Fedora at home and #Ubuntu at work ;-) #Linux #KDE

@dubst3pp4 I kept them all on. Yes, they do a lot of IO at the beginning, but after a few sessions they calm done. I'm happy with them.

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