🎁 Buy Now & Save: Librem 5 Early Bird pricing ($599 USD) ends January 31. Preorder pricing ($649 USD) begins Feb 1 and ends when general availability and shipping begins. shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5/ #DemandFreedom #privacy #security

The @nextcloud [1] app is the best solution. After testing several solutions, there is nothing more convenient than this one. Especially, if you're run an instance, anyway.

[1] apps.nextcloud.com/apps/news

Pünktlich zum Katerfrühstück erscheint am 1. Januar 2019 Folge 5 von #librezoom

Der Moment, in dem Du vor dem Bildschirm sitzt und "So, fertig!" sagst.
1 Mann, 2 Wochen Urlaub, 3 Tracking Apps = 4 Jahre brach liegender Kartenbereich endlich aktuell und mit allen POI's und korrekten Gebäudebezeichnungen und Flächen versehen.

If your Laptop always connects to an AP with a lower bandwith, but has a stronger signal, use the BSSID of the desired one and you're good.

: Customer: "Here you go. This is the server we were talking about." Me: "Ok, so what's the root password?" Customer: "We don't know, but you are a specialist, you sure can figure out how to get into it." Me: "Even the HDD is encrypted, so I can't get into it with a live system." Customer: "Just think about it for a while, you'll figure it out."

Me: "I need assistance. Somebody can get me some new batteries for my crystall ball?"

Auto-Kanalwahl für WLAN in der !Box bringt was, wenn 3 andere Netze vorhanden sind. Alles darüber, und die Funktion ist von nicht zuverlässig bis unbrauchbar.

das das Wort des Jahres ist...

...so wie der Rest der deutschsprachigen Weltbevölkerung, wie mir scheint.

@Purism Do you have any plans for an AIO? Like the SLIMBOOK CURVE 24"?

I would be in instantly!

Danke für den sfreien Sonntag... NICHT! Noch jemand betroffen?

: Customer(by phone): "Hey, can you extract important config X from a VM? I would make it available for you to download as an .ova-file." Me: "np, but please don't forget to provide user 'n pass..." Customer(by eMail): "Due to company rules I am not allowed to provide you any login details. Anyway, please hurry with the vm task! We need the config ASAP. Here is the download link. Really, it's due tomorrow."

: Wrote an e-mail to everyone that had their system running for 5 days plus, asking them to stop that and shut it down at the end of the day. Well, now a skript will remotely shut them down once a day during working hours.

After nearly 20 years of working in IT-related roles, across development and security, one thing sticks out like the proverbial "dogs balls" yet so few companies see it.

If you treat your people well, your business will do well. It's so simple. Companies that look after their people retain those people, and those people work hard to make the business succeed.

So, stop treating your people like resources and treat them like humans, for fuck sake!

Hey folks, Todd Weaver, who leads @Purism (they make the privacy-respecting Librem laptops and are now working on a phone) is on the fediverse… show him some love, won’t ’cha?



I'm tired of this idea that if you run Linux you should be able to use the terminal and you must be a developer or hacker. My dad happily uses Linux and he barely knows how to turn on a computer. Some non-techy people just like privacy and freedom.

Some on here interested in creating an application icon? If yes, reach back to me.

To be honest, I would rather be unemployed than a JavaScript developer.

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