Logging into Mastodon this evening has me feeling immediately refreshed! When the other socials become your norm you forget how draining they really are.

who called it "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" and not Link In Park

my values will never align with the "company culture"

People often get the most excited over the least important things

Feels like my friends are all turning into brands & I'm losing them...

A sixty year old is basically a thirty year old with hip problemd

In the city, it is very easy to feel contempt for others.

"Three" is an instrinsically satisfying number of things. It had an abundance that is absent from two, without the perplexity of four.

Despite the intrinsic wonder of high speed air travel, modern airlines have found a way to make the experience unpleasant

Can't believe the airport bar isn't open, it's already 6 am

There is a restaurant chain in Québec called "La Manoir du Spaghetti" and I can't stop laughing about it.

Downsides of freelancing: Not get paid to take a poop.

Upsides of freelancing: Unlimited unpaid vacation time.

There's a special layer of hell for people who dump 17 billable hours of work on you on a Thursday morning (due Monday at 3am because globalization).

To all who are struggling: it's not a crime to lie on your resume. Make a fake company web site. Buy a phone number from a VOIP provider, it's like two dollars. Learn to do fun voices. Hiring managers are almost always both busy & lazy. You got this! ✊ ❤️ ✊

Gender is the spookiest costume of all, and we wear it every day! 💀 💀 💀

It takes a really long time, to do anything.

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