wtf what does soviet union have to do with it?

@overflow @redsPL
It's a bad one.

Also, thinking hard is underrated these days. People refusing to think is why we can't have nice things.

@Wolf480pl @overflow if I can agree with communism and USSR being a bad thing, I don't see a point in not making any jokes based on it. To a certain extent they're OK, and if it doesn't go too far, It's a good laugh. Just my opinion tho, I see your point.

@redsPL @overflow
That's not my point. I'm OK with communism jokes as long as they're funny, and don't sound like they're praising communism when not understood...

wait a sec..
oh, I got this.
It's like "za komuny było inaczej" lol :D

@overflow @redsPL
>just a meme dont think too hard on it
>not saying you shouldn't think hard

now I'm confused :S

Anyway, it took me thinking hard in order to understand it. Didn't expect the "old grumpy people say it was better when communism ruled the land" meme to be known outside of slavic countries, so when I saw it in english I didn't make the connection.

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