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Sol 168: Instrument Deployment Camera (IDC)

Taken on: 2019/05/18 13:16:48

More Cities: Skylines... A night view of a double decker roundabout

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“Gas stations are not massively profitable businesses. When 10% of the vehicles on the road are electric many of them will go out of business. This will immediately make driving a gasoline powered car more inconvenient. When that happens even more gasoline car owners will be convinced to switch and so on. Rapidly a tipping point will be reached, at which point finding a convenient gas station will be nearly impossible and owning a gasoline powered car will positively suck.”

-- Geoff Ralston

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@CoughingSound xyz photos ain't workin, I've been mad about it for hours

Can't seem to be able to set an avatar pic. It doesn't get saved... 😐 bummer...

First impressions are shown to be very hard to change, and this is looking good! Hello world!


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