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a phone crash scare has made me decide to install Signal's desktop client, which has made me use flatpak for the first time, which seems to have turned today into one of those linuxing days

never mind that natural gas doesn't smell like fire accelerant...

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every time one of my neighbours uses their BBQ, I spend ten confused minutes going around my house, trying to figure out where the gas smell is coming from

accidentally just said "emojency" which is a portmanteau I may have to put into deliberate use

On the plus side, I've been allowed to get away with words like "automagical" and "customerness"

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Got copy edits back on my book last week, and it seems I really like using the phrase "in order to." My copy editor likes that phrase a lot less, judging by the edits.

The Ever Given got into port in Rotterdam last night. For those who like to be completionist about news.

Went to a bar (fourth time since easing of lockdown) and got completely distracted by all the humans doing all the human things

Always a strange feeling when items for next school year start going into my calendar

they call me ol' hissy mic, on account of my reluctance to buy a new headset

covid, vaccines + 

Got my first shot today! And, because Rotterdam can be a small town when it wants to be, spent my 15 minutes of post-vaccination waiting time chatting with a former student.

There's something very pleasing about how the bookstore I like insists on a little paper bag, folded over at the top, and taped down. Like every book is a small gift.

British Eurovision song on Dutch radio is an amazing example of two losing countries sticking together

I think one of the things I like least about being a responsible adult is that there are times when bad things happen, but I still have to go in and do my job, because not doing it would mess up someone else's life.

The word "Google" seems to be getting generalized in new ways. Got a form? Google Form. Shared document? Google Doc. Doesn't seem to matter what platform/service is used.

Finally got to book my vaccine appointments! Whoop!

Back when I was in Toronto, my university had automatic union membership for all teaching staff. It's taken me three years to get around to it, but I've finally joined a Dutch teacher's union!

I've got an emotional hangover from being angry yesterday. I guess the appropriate term would be an "angover"

Heard a British dude on a podcast pronounce Arkansas like our-Kansas and now I can't get it out of my head

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