I do enjoy using productivity systems designed by English speakers, in a working environment that flips frequently between English and Dutch, and with colleagues whose names often conform to Dutch naming norms. Small example: the tussenvoegsel (van, van den, etc.) that doesn't appear in auto-generated initialisms of names, making it harder to tell which little dot is meant to represent which person, or making a disconnect in my head because there's a letter missing.

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So someone I would think of as "MvdV" or "RvR" becomes simply "MV" or "RR" in the eyes of a system that only takes first and last name (and not the separate tussenvoegsel field) into account when generating initialisms.

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@ossington This is the thing that makes me hate developers (and product managers) so much.

I keep fighting with bs like this at work regularly. It's like a cancer in the tech world.

Sometimes it's with passwords, assuming you don't unse a password manager, or limit it to 24 characters.

Here's a good list about names, to pass on when you write a bug report to the publisher:

@xuv That's an excellent list, and I'm amazed I haven't encountered it before, as someone with a first name and two middle names, none of which are the name I go by (plus "non-standard" case!)

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