Hey Lurkers, having a request!

I'm looking for texts of the whole cyber-hype period (80's-90's) where the concept of working/socializing/ being productive from home is being positively embraced as a soon-to-happen utopia. Fiction inspired by that idea is also welcome!

I reckon this being a very present concept at the time. Also remember to hear in lectures of early cyber-hippies who'd be locking themselves in remote cabins with the idea that soon they'd be able to connect to everything from there.

Texts I'm already aware of:
From Counterculture to cyberculture - More historical

The californian ideology - Touches upon it, but only critically

This masterthesis (great stuff!) - scholarlypublications.universi

Researching this in the light of the whole Covid-19 -experiences and how it contrasts to this for my radioshow. Happy for any leads!


@electronic_mertz Coding Places is a really good book, and relevant for this subject because it addresses the tropes about the spiky world and distributed work through a solid case study mitpress.mit.edu/books/coding-

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