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This is a very basic interpersonal thing, but for some reason this image has been stuck in my head ever since I saw it recently.

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We are at the mercy of the structures we exist inside of...but they are also at the mercy of how we choose to interact with them!!

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When you "teach to the exam", you rob children of a wider and more useful education. Which is why I worry when I see so much emphasis these days on preparing for tech interviews. They have f-all to do with the actual jobs.

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Further random TDD-related comment: I don't believe TDD is a priori an advanced skill for programmers to learn. I believe that it is an advanced skill for many advanced and some intermediate programmers to learn, cuz they're so vested in their existing practice.

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There should be a class in the CS curriculum that teaches you how to become comfortable with failure while rejecting exploitation. It should also teach you the difference between those two feelings.

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I'm kinda bored of domain-driven design being talked about as if it's all about bounded contexts.

I want to swing the pendulum the other way, and focus on the part where you express the domain in code, refactor to deeper insight, and achieve supple designs.

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"Running a successful open source project is just Good Will Hunting in reverse, where you start out as a respected genius and end up being a janitor who gets into fights."

Quote attributed to @cra@twitter.com, and I don't think I've ever seen anything more true posted.

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In fields like software development, the need for brilliance is miniscule, and the need for flexible and adaptive collaboration is ubiquitous. I don't know of anyone in this trade who is smart enough to be allowed to hurt other people with indifference. twitter.com/CatSwetel/status/9

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Today, GoDaddy employees have off, for our third this year. We ask that our employees use this time to rest and recharge. Mental and physical health are so important, in the balance of work & life.

Comment below on how you’re spending your Wellness Day!

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I don't know if this advice is truly universal or not, but based on my experience, I'd say, "find someone who's smart enough to keep up with you, who really likes you, and who has a life that isn't you".

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“Nobody wants to work anymore” is capitalism for “it’s getting harder to exploit the poors.”

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Somebody once told me to read the first word of my last 450 tweets. Oh god it's been over a year

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In the same breathe - shoutout to the Managed WordPress team at @GoDaddy@twitter.com. The grit, heart, and skill on display daily to face down legacy technical debt and push forward for the good of customer, to meaningfully elevate the platform and experience. High praise.

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Your website can never be finished because it exists in an ecosystem of ever changing technologies.

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Open source is about the amazing opportunities created by digital abundance. Fantasies of digital scarcity (in whatever form) are inherently opposed to what we're building.

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People thinking politicians should just find a path forward that will satisfy all Americans but can’t decided where to go to dinner with one friend 🫠

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In OSS, there are no sprints, stand-ups, retrospectives, 1:1s, 360s, quarters, velocities, estimations, deadlines, project managers, "how is this going", year goals, ..., could go on and on.

Yet it ships non-stop and runs the world.

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The whole point of the internet is that everyone can benefit just by being here. Download, copy, remix, share.

The whole point of NFTs is to create scarcity where there is none. Reject artificial scarcity and embrace openness and abundance. twitter.com/reidhoffman/status

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So this tweet is obviously the kind of bait that can only be produced by a person who desperately desires any sort of attention, even if at the expense of their own reputation…but this story is actually really interesting and mostly ignored because of how it’s…good.

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