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If you're an organ donor you technically drop loot when you die

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How can a worker be both essential and unworthy of a living wage?

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To be honest I'm sick of these "you HAVE to know X to be a good developer" tweets. People learn in different ways. Some learn best fundamentals first then frameworks. Others learn best learning both simultaneously.

Stop telling people they HAVE to do X, Y, Z to be "successful."

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Erin saw this idea somewhere, and now we have a lego zoom-call setup. Works great. Time to build more rooms we can swap out for different calls. Digital backgrounds, but analog…

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@yahoo_pete@twitter.com Problem is that many orgs think "remote first" means "back to back Teams calls from 8 until 6 and a free mindfulness app". Speak to succesful remote/distributed companies who were operating pre covid about how they operate and it's very different.

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i heard from someone this week that managing your calendar is more about managing your energy than managing your time. i like that.

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I've seen it so many times: after months or years working on a solution, the most valuable end product was the *team* that wrote it and not the solution itself. How many more times must I watch businesses throw away the toy train so they can play with the box?

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Lol. Nice charts in the Mail on Sunday today...

(I don't mind — it's a good and important message to share, and I suspect they have a rather different audience to me/FT, so the more people who see charts the better 🙂)

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In my 20s & 30s, I found success by being a sponge of knowledge. In my 40s, I've found success by being generous with my knowledge to the sponges around me. The moral of the story: be a generous sponge.

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@troytheboyy@twitter.com @ambrosiamonkey@twitter.com For some reason this reminds me of Keanu Reeves’s answer to Colbert’s question of what happens when you die. “The people who love you will miss you.” Both bring tears.

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Hey, to the Solar Winds intern:

We love you! ❤️ It wasn't your fault.

Just know that the entire tech industry knows that it wasn't your fault, that even Solar Winds knows that it wasn't your fault, and that this attempt to pin it on you, just makes them look bad.

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Today I was once again told that estimates and sprints are the core components of Agile.

It is so very wrong to be so oft-repeated. Sometimes your local pundit doesn't know jack about agility.

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"Toute technologie suffisamment avancée est indiscernable de la magie."

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@AnjanaVakil@twitter.com You push around electrons that trick rocks into doing math. You've got the most magic job/hobby that has ever existed.

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@AnjanaVakil@twitter.com You push around electrons that trick rocks into doing math. You've got the most magic job/hobby that has ever existed.

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@HiredThought@twitter.com Consider this thought experiment: you have a job where your boss told you that *you* and all your money depends on what other people do. You're not supposed to interfere with the work. You're not supposed to inflict help.
Then the team is late. /1

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