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old-man rant 

Whenever I find myself using 20x in the same day to look up common business words, I know an article I'm writing has suddenly become a real chore. A real burden. A real errand. A real routine.

kinda upset that I didn't know you could do filename completion in vim with ^X^F

I've been opening the directory listing in a separate pane and yanking/pasting filenames like some rank grade schooler this whole time

but I can't stay mad at you vim 😘

Almost every time I write "it is hard," I have to change it to "it is difficult" just to get my inner 12-year-old to stop snickering.

My iPhone 6 won't reliably connect to the AT&T network anymore, so I'm going to buy whatever they announce tomorrow. Hope it's good.

if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

The Apple Store should offer outpatient surgery to reshape your ears for optimum AirPods sound.

Nobody believes me anymore when I tell them that Apple’s CEO was named Michael Scott.

Red alert: On Wednesday, the EU votes on #Article13—a disastrous proposal that would require websites to filter and censor uploaded content.

These #CensorshipMachines would break the Internet as we know it, and we have to stop them. <Thread>

Put up a new Patreon post discussing the planned direction of Social @ PV and my motivations behind it. Check it out when you can.

I didn't expect my instance to become what it has in the short time it's been up.

I dig Masto. I like the community I have built using it. I want to continue to use it, despite my many reservations about the culture of the dev team over on the main branch.

So, I'm just going to do something else. This is a tool that can be improved if there is the will to do so.

If you want to help, because I'm going to need it, throw a couple bucks in the plate

I hate that "make tea, not war" bumper sticker. It's really common here, and a fuckton of wars have been fought over tea. Read a book while you're drinking that tea, mate

the safest way to use computers is still abstinence

Thinking about dropping out of gamer college.. I just can't remember all these slurs...

LEGION makes a lot more sense during a second viewing.

'Round Midnight, the hit album by dreamy guitarist Kenny Burrell, available now wherever old folks talk young folks into checking out dusty old albums.

companies: sure is weird how millennials dont care for stable employment


companies: yep, they just hate having long term jobs. sigh. nothing to be done i guess

RT Reminder for "classical" management trying to retain talent:

- "Can I work remotely?"
- "No"
- "Can I work remotely?"
- "No"
- "Can I work remotely?"
- "No"
- "Can I work remotely?"
- "No"

Quits and works for another company... remotely.



Finished v1 of the app my wife asked for. Now she wants all sorts of features she never dreamed of before, and wants it to work completely differently.

Like every other client.

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