A couple of times each year, the police call me at home and ask whether I would like to donate to their fund.

If I do donate, they will send me a sticker I can put on my car so that any officer thinking about pulling me over knows that I've paid into their fund. The more money you pay, the nicer the sticker is.

I don't understand why this isn't illegal.

@oldmankris So there was this guy in New York who had one of those stickers. Cops found him one night after he crashed his car into a lamp post. He was piss drunk. But the cops decided to take him home, no questions asked.

Once he was home, the guy got into another car and immediately crashed again. This time he was killed. Some "friends" the police turned out to be, eh?

@chronrevisited @oldmankris Yeah my understanding is this sort of "courtesy" isn't supposed to get you out of more than a light speeding ticket. Beyond the fact that it's incredibly sleezy, it isn't supposed to be a get out of jail for serious offenses.

@chronrevisited @oldmankris Here's a really blatant example, where the police union gives officers cards they can give to friends, and the unions "recommend" not ticketing cardholders for minor offenses:

@ocdtrekkie @chronrevisited @oldmankris Getting you out of a light speeding ticket is plain corruption already.

@oldmankris Can you uh... perhaps make a duplicate of that sticker, maybe 50,000 of them?

@oldmankris ACAB. Now sometimes you need one. But that doesn’t make it less true.

@seano Gangs do generally try to take care of the people in their neighborhood. It's good business.

@oldmankris Do you have any pictures of the stickers? Close-up ones that reveal the design? Just curious.

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