Unfollowing everyone who whines about Apple selling things.

@oldmankris I think it might be time for Apple to retire the two hour keynote, though, and just release a short product video.

We've prepared another video we think you'll like.

@tewha Yeah, it was definitely too long. Didn't need 30 minutes to explain that the new chip is faster than the old chip.

@oldmankris I've heard people say it was boring, but they released THREE PHONES AND A FUCKING WATCH. Maybe our attention spans are just getting shorter.


@tewha I know that from a technical perspective, this stuff is amazing.

But, really, from a marketing perspective, they didn't have much to say other than "We have faster bigger versions of the same stuff we've been selling for the last few years." A ten-minute video would have been enough to cover the new features.

Nobody outside of Apple cares about how many transistors or cores or neural engines the A12 Bionic has. Leave that sort of thing to the spec sheets and tech websites.

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@oldmankris Oh, I totally agree with you. I'm as guilty as anyone else.

@tewha At least we didn't have to listen to U2 or Coldplay.

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