Internet people will love our newest episode with internet darling Darcie Wilder! We discuss Contrapoints, cancel culture, social capital, data collection, disinformation campaigns, and the futility of media work in the gig economy. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Our show fucking rocks, I'm very proud of it.


Listening to a podcast in Australia. So chilling. Really feels like a message from the future. Making me feel thankful I traveled to Japan on a whim last year. Environments are disappearing. Travel is getting more difficult. The creep is real.

LBs: Everyone help OK and the Art and Labor pod account find their server forever home!!! (I like cybre but there are lots of options)

So who is still active on here? Who should I follow? Or should I switch servers?

I was explaining the fediverse to @okglass and he was like "why not a chevreverse?"

Today is the last day to become a founding member of our drip. Tomorrow we post bonus memes and writing!

I love Masaaki Yuuasa and Go Nagai. So I drew a strange fanart for Devilman Crybaby. I'm fairly stoked on the coloring.

probably the best way to introduce myself to a new audience is to tell them i made that one wii shop channel remix. then usually people are like "ohhh That nicky flowers"

Tomorrow we're recording an episode on 1938’s β€˜Manifesto: Towards a Free Revolutionary Art’ written while Trotsky was staying in Mexico with muralist Diego Rivera. It's signed by Rivera and the French surrealist AndrΓ© Breton. The website Bad Art World has a very fleshed out proposal around it we also are going to get in to. Check it out here:

I kept forgetting to do but I still have 30 mins left of Monday!! Here are some folks I treasure:
@gomu @demonbrain @syzygyzip @doctopmaru @zachhazard @palomakop @aloe @dreamweapon
All are rad people with fresh accounts on here that are already great.

I want to buy capsaicin but I don't know which type to get

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