Play isn’t doing what we want, but doing what we can with the materials we find along the way. And fun isn’t the experience of pleasure, but the outcome of tinkering with a small part of the world in a surprising way.

Play anything, Ian Bogost

Digitalizacija posnetkov na analognih nosilcih zvoka in slike. Kako priporočilo, kje to lahko naredim?

Prosim z moje strani, da malo manj uporabljate "s strani" z vaše strani.

How can we use each other's differences in our common battles for a livable future? - Audre Lorde

What a lot we lost when we stopped writing letters. You can’t reread a phone call. - Liz Carpenter

Bonjour, je suis nouvelle ici !

Je suis intéressée par la justice sociale, la philo, la musique électronique, le féminisme 😃 j'espère trouver ici quelques personnes avec qui discuter sur ces sujets !

N'hésitez pas à booster, je ne connais personne pour l'instant, c'est un peu intimidant.

Des bisous si vous voulez bien <3


Playing Name Game that never really had public name. But slowly it is getting it and I'm sorting all those names now, to have better overview and conlcude what really cannot be concluded time

Being already decentralized by artistic names, it is hard to keep it up with all those mastodon accounts :-)

Shame - Concrete

"Concrete" by Shame, out now on Dead Oceans Buy / stream:

Listen to Shame - Concrete by Dead Oceans on

What is your favourite linux desktop app for Mastodon?

I take myself so seriously that I leave no space for others to take me seriously and they are left with nothing else but not to take me seriously.

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