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Nextcloud Hub was "a serious leap forward" according to Forbes, the "open-source competitor to Office 365 and Google Docs". Read for yourself!

Looking for some extra protection for your server? How about using @torproject to access it!

This script can help you get started.

A shout-out to our partner @heinleinsupport - its team was instrumental in developing some of the performance improvements in Talk!

Munich's flip-flop back to open source is the latest sign of Germany's political sea change over proprietary software. Linux, not Windows: Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source - again?

Here's already a first blog post detailing how to set up the Talk high performance back-end we released as yesterday!

Read more on how to password protect your mobile Nextcloud app: via @TechRepublic by @jlwallen

The Talk High Performance Back-end is now !

The upcoming Talk 9 introduces:
🚚drag files to chat to share
🖼️view & edit files in chat/call
🎞️grid view for more people in a call
🚀better performance

Try it out, help us test!

Schon vor der Pandemie war Nextcloud perfekt, um verteilt zusammenarbeitende Computer und Menschen einander näherzubringen. Nextcloud: Tipps für die Gruppenarbeit. / @heise_de

Using Microsoft SharePoint with ? Grab the latest version of the app:
🌍 SharePoint online support
🚀 Support for latest Nextcloud releases including upcoming 19
🐞 Small fixes and translations

Need to send encrypted emails? mail uses browser add-in Mailvelope for this, and the latest Mail release improves the integration of this add-in.

Thanks to the demo servers that Collabora Online hosts, users can now easily check out the latest builds of Collabora Online Development Edition directly from their own Nextcloud installation! 🎉 Read more

The use of Nextcloud is spreading among companies and institutions that want to stay in control of their data! What is the ideal storage technology for Nextcloud? @openio writes about this interesting topic ☁️ & read more here -

RC2 for Nextcloud 19 is here! Now we need your help testing it to make the final release perfect 😄 Who's up for it?

The open-source community is capable of nearly anything, writes @jlwallen 💙Aysel Afsar put her skills to the task and managed to create an app for the Nextcloud on-premises cloud server that will go a long way to aid in the fight against COVID-19.

Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and WebEx: According to the report, all three companies reserve the right to collect information from your calls, including how long a call lasts, who’s participating in the call, and the IP addresses of everyone taking part -

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