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With the this app you can set up an email address so that all attachments sent to it are stored in your for easy access!

Tinder for your files: Keep-or-sweep shows you one file at a time and you decide whether to βœ…keep or ❌sweep it. Tech companies amass your data – we help you delete it! 😊

Protect your users against the dangers of password re-use and breaches: can check new passwords against the database by

Enable this feature now! Remember, there is no without

Just before the end of the year, was at . We're grateful for all the nice words said at our table!

Our talks:
πŸ‘‰ A dozen more things you didn't know Nextcloud could do
πŸ‘‰ Building Nextcloud Flow

The (California Consumer Privacy Act) went into effect - is your business ready? The easiest way to compliance is keeping -sensitive data on-premises and under your control! Check out as content productivity solution.

If you've not yet seen many talks from - you can fix that now:

Yes, there are two related talks there, too ;-)

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You can still find us today at in the Open Infrastucture Orbit with friends from Tor, & FreiWurst, OpenStreetMap Sea Watch & many others!
2 talks today:
* 12:40 Nextcloud Flow
* 18:15 Nextcloud apps

See you soon!

What do you like the most about ? This holiday season you can win a giftcard for sharing your opinion. Read the post for more details and rate Nextcloud πŸ˜€

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