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Have you tried Nextcloud Forms yet? It was recently used by for the board election!
No need to hand your data to Google or another cloud firm if you just want to run a survey...

The Dutch consumer protection agency is suing TikTok for violating the rights of kids. They tried to negotiate/discuss, but TikTok did not want to change its ways. 1.5M children have been effected.

Hold Big Tech accountable!

The iOS app keeps improving. A taste of new features in the last release:
🧩 Chunking
🟢 Status setting
🪄Convert images to PDF
🖍️Draw on files
🆕 options in the context menu
🔐More security
➕More improvements:
🌙 Dark mode
✔️Media tab

Schools should be using .

At least, that's what the French government thinks!

What do YOU think?

If you or your organization haven't updated yet, we can tell you there's a lot to look forward to in Nextcloud Hub 22! Check out what's coming for you in our announcement blog.

Want to generate business and private interest in privacy-respecting alternatives to MS 365 & Google? Events need attending, journalists talked to - community built!

Get involved, join our marketing team!

China wants to limit under-age kids to max 3 hours of gaming per week. Now - we're all for healthy behavior. But this can only be enforced through heavy-handed surveillance and state interference in the lives of the kids. Is there no other way?

Die SEHR coole App "Collectives" ist Teil des Releases von Nextcloud Hub 22. Sie wurde von einem großartigen Community-Team mit Unterstützung vom @prototypefund entwickelt - hier könnt ihr mehr über die Hintergründe und Ergebnisse dieses Projektes lesen:

At @guardian - Snowden argues the sales of should be banned. We'd say - throw in . All those technologies developed to spy on users are used to... spy on people! 🤯

What's the only on-premises solution that made it to the list of @ITProPortal top cloud storage list for 2021? Coming in on 3rd: 🎉

Weekend podcast time! 😍

Check the latest episode or pick some of the previous episodes!

Both web and mobile interfaces offer an easy way to share a voice message! 💙🎙️🎶

Nextcloud cares about privacy and data sovereignty. Who owns and controls our documents, photos, chat logs, and calendar items matters, and we think it should be you!

Own your data! Learn more about migration options.

Handelsblatt: Der Vorstand der gemeinnützigen Organisation entschied sich im Frühjahr nach einem mehrmonatigen Prozess für ein Angebot von Nextcloud, einem deutschen Dienstleister, der eine Plattform auf Grundlage von Open-Source-Software anbietet.

It’s the fifth time that Nextcloud is nominated for the Cloud Computing Insider Award in the category FileSharing & Collaboration 😍

Thank you to everybody who voted for us the previous years and let’s make it together to the first spot again in 2021!

"Focusing more on user collaboration, it features real-time document editing and integrated audio/video/text chat. There’s also a large marketplace of over 200 free apps to extend the functionality of your cloud server."

Nextcloud 💙

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