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A minor update of our desktop client 💻 3.2.4 was just published - grab it while it's hot 🔥

The US legislation that requires US cloud providers to disclose customers’ data upon request, regardless of where it’s stored and irrespective of GDPR, will not be an issue with Managed Nextcloud solution according to IONOS.

Techradar: Cloud hosting and services provider IONOS is set to collaborate with Nextcloud to offer UK SMEs a comprehensive cloud storage option!

It’s the fifth time that Nextcloud is nominated for the Cloud Computing Insider Award in the category FileSharing & Collaboration 😍

Thank you to everybody who voted for us the previous years and let’s make it together to the first spot in 2021!

Die Agentur der EU für Cybersicherheit und die @EU_Commission haben das Problem der Anbieterabhängigkeit als eines der größten Hindernisse für die Einführung von Cloud-Lösungen in Unternehmen erkannt.

Nextcloud - Ihr Weg aus dem Vendor Lock-in!

Nextcloud Talk 💬 and Nextcloud Deck 🗂️ offer intuitive, two-way integration: you can turn a chat message into a task in Deck and you can share a task into a conversation!

Did you watch our announcement, live? 😍

Nextcloud Hub 22 introduces a wide range of features!

In this video we go over what's new, show it in action and hear from our customers about their experiences.

The Collectives app brings knowledge management to Nextcloud, enabling users to share a set of handbooks with each other.

Collectives is closely tied with the newly integrated custom group feature in Nextcloud 22, Circles, and builds on Nextcloud Text!

Nextcloud Hub 22 comes with the integration of eID Easy!

This enables Nextcloud users to request a secure, digital signature on a PDF or other document, right from within the Nextcloud interface.

Heise: Nexcloud marschiert weiter in Richtung universelle Collaboration-Plattform: mit Genehmigungs-Workflows, digitalem Signieren von PDFs und dezentralen Gruppen.

To support the reality of modern, flexible, and ever-changing organizations, Nextcloud 22 introduces Circles.

A ⭕️ is a custom group that you define yourself, without the need for an administrator. With Circles, we make it easier to manage teams!

In this video, we will walk you through the approval workflow mechanism and the PDF signing process that we have integrated in Nextcloud!

When colleagues work different days, different hours or in a different location, it becomes harder to ask something in-person and having workflows and procedures documented is important.

To help with this, Nextcloud 22 introduces Collectives! ✨

Time for a live Q&A!

Did you watch the announcement? What are you curious about?

Ask us!

Link -

📢 Nextcloud 22 is here!

⭕ Custom groups in Contacts
📝 Approval workflow & PDF signing
✨ Collectives: knowledge management
💬 Integrated chat with tasks
🗑 in Calendar & much, much more!

We're LIVE!!! 🤩

Tune in NOW for our video announcement and ask questions after the presentation!

Tune in NOW 🍿 for our video announcement and ask questions after the presentation! LIVE!

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