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Nextcloud, the popular open-source Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, now enables you to automatically scan your files for malware before they can be stored in your private cloud, covers @sjvn for @ZDNet!

Keep your data safe! Self hosting is great, but be sure to back up your data! @jlwallen from @TechRepublic has you covered with an article on how to back up .

Europe CAN play a leading role here, if we’re pro-active and build on the entrepreneurship we have! Instead of falling back to the big, US firms, let’s look at local business and innovation as a driver of growth, shares @fkarlitschek for @univention!

Did you know there's an experimental app that lets you block logins from specific countries or geographic regions? Check out Geoblocker if that is something you could use!

IT-Business covers the heating up of the cloud market, with the competition between private and public cloud pitting vendors like Microsoft and Google against European vendors like Nextcloud and IONOS. (in German)

. @kaspersky and announced a collaboration to help enterprises users from malicious files uploaded to their content collaboration platform. Learn more in the Kaspersky press release.

Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google - the tech giants are real winners in this crisis. Data privacy and consumers - the losers...

We're happy to announce our partnership with @kaspersky up to protect users from malicious files! A self-hosted Kaspersky Scan Engine can prevent infections from reaching the server and spreading from there.

With Collabora or Text or ONLYOFFICE you can edit all kinds of documents on your phone, both in Android and iOS. Just open a doc from your phone!
Pics of Collabora Online:
1 - File view. Click office doc
2 - Viewer. Click pen to edit
3 - Editor. Edit away!
4 - Menu of Collabora

πŸ’»Desktop client 3.0.1 and 🚧 beta's of server and πŸ—¨οΈ Talk are out, go install πŸ—οΈ and test 🀸🏽!

The community at Slant agrees that is the top self-hosted cloud storage solution! Add your opinion in a review and help others who look for a way to protect their by self hosting.

New updates are out with some minor features and stability, performance & security-hardening improvements!
πŸ—‘Configure trash bin size
πŸ“«Disable email change notification
πŸ“‰See disabled users in occ report
πŸ“†Limit sharing to calendar owner

Get updating!

Germany's public radio and television uses to sync interviews & other recordings back to the studios & collaborate easily!
Learn how over 8000 employees enjoy the benefits of easy & secure sharing, transferring over a terabyte of data daily!

It's the last call to vote for us in the CloudComputing-Insider Award! Share your love again for your preferred Filesharing & Collaboration tool and let’s make it together to the first spot in 2020! ⭐️

Your team is using email attachments, public chat apps and consumer file sharing tools to communicate and collaborate? Losing control? Regain control with Nextcloud today! Watch this short video & find out more! πŸ€—

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