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Your organization is also paying for 2 dozen different cloud services? No idea how much you spend or how secure the data is? Yeah, it'd be wise to consolidate!

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If you still have customer, patient or student data at a US cloud service, you are in serious legal jeopardy due to a European Court of Justice ruling: "Privacy Shield" was (predictably) ruled invalid: your data store is not privacy-compliant.

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Looking for a secure enterprise file sync & share solution? We cover the basics and give some tips on what to look for.

As officer, the ECJ ruling means you have to take swift action with any US firm holding data of your organization. NOYB has tips here:

Over 70% of enterprises is moving applications back from the cloud to infrastructure over security and compliance worries. Collaboration tech is critical and SaaS solutions not compliant.

Find out why is a great solution!

Germany's public radio and television uses to sync interviews & other recordings back to the studios & collaborate easily!
Learn how over 8000 employees enjoy the benefits if easy & secure sharing, transferring over a terabyte of data daily!

Still hosting data at a US firm and worried about the recent ECJ ruling that deems those incompatible with EU law? There is NO GRACE period! In a lawsuit you have to show you took timely action. Here's help from NOYB on what to do:

We usually receive a lot of questions about : technical or not technical.
This is the right material to read about how to get started or where you should ask for help depending on the issues you deal with πŸ˜‰

Installing your own full Microsoft Office compatible document editor in is just a few clicks - no need for web server configuration, docker containers etc!

You even have a choice: ONLYOFFICE or Collabora Online. Try now!

Public link? Internal link? Email? How do you share files in a secure way in Nextcloud and what are your options - all explained in our blog.

Nextcloud Conference 2020: Call for Speakers is now open! πŸ“’ aaand we're waiting for you! Submit a proposal if you want to present or share something related to Nextcloud. Check our announcement for more details!

Did you know you can lock files in Nextcloud so other users see what you are working on? Install the file locking app and sync your collaboration!

An entirely unsurprising study by Gartner finds that, yes, remote work is here to stay... Is your business ready for that?

Looking for a reliable, secure and compliant collaboration and communication platform? Europe's largest hosting provider @ionos_cloud has teamed up with us to deliver you a real alternative to US SaaS solutions like Office 365 or G Suite.

The first minor release in the 19 series is out, as well as updates for 18 and 17! Go get them while they are fresh πŸ₯–

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