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Are you interested in a Big Blue Button Integration for Nextcloud? Our partner
@HKN_DE will be happy to answer your questions and explain in detail how you can use Big Blue Button with your Nextcloud! Read more here (in German) -

🆕 Nextcloud Talk v8.0.9 available now, update!

📉 Reduced consumed CPU power in video calls
👥 Improved layout for bigger calls
📸 Automatic quality changing of non-speaker videos to reduce CPU and bandwidth
📶 Improved recovery after connection failures

We are from now on present on @trustradius to collect reviews about Nextcloud! We’d really appreciate if you could leave a review to help other people learn more about ! The landing page to do so is here -

If you want to share a file or a group of files with somebody, there is a number of options! In this blog, we'll go over them and explain how you can share and what the different ways mean ☁️ Read more details here -

NWU in South Africa has implemented and @only_office as a combined solution for secure data exchange and safe collaboration on research documents.

Check out the case study and learn more about what Nextcloud has to offer in your industry.

Our head of marketing compares the subscription business model as used by successful businesses like and with consulting and why it's better for customers @opensourceway

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Don't miss a thing, a lot of news is coming!

Thanks to the demo servers that Collabora Online hosts, users can now easily check out the latest builds of Collabora Online Development Edition directly from their own Nextcloud installation! 😉 Read more -

Want to let customers or partners easily make appointments with you?

Why pay 10 bucks a month & hand over your calendar data to a third party service if you can ? Use the Appointment app and get these appointments in your calendar!

Wondering about the story behind ? Our CEO gave a great talk at 2 years ago: "why I forked my own project and my own company" - enjoy!

If you need to get Nextcloud up and running fast, and you need built-in SSL support, the best route for you might be installing via snap packages. @jlwallen explains how to do it but also what is the only caveat to this method. Read more details here:

Our partner @HKN_DE provides a digital school solution, fully DSGVO compliant, and easy to use! Check out their offering (in German):

Straight offer from @ionos_cloud up & running within 24 hours with a fully private cloud collaboration solution, 30 days trial period:
🎥 video chat
📝 office document editing
💌 groupware & task management
Reported by @cloudinsiderde (German)

Deck 1.0 is out, with many new features and an app for Android!
🆕 View separate comment and activity timelines
💬 Reply to comments
🎚️ Filter cards
➕ Add cards/ boards to projects
↔️ Move cards to other boards
👯 Clone board
📁 Upload multiple files

Concerned about and other regulations? is the easiest and most reliable way to be compliant. Learn about and how it can help you get your data back under control!

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