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Do you know where your business data is, right now? Who has access? Who can change them, sell them? What terms of service did you sign, did you read them? By your data is always 100% under your control, safe and sound -

Watch the short introduction of Groupware @ πŸŽ‰ Nextcloud offers Calendar, Mail, Contacts and more, built-in. Work together, share documents, plan video chats and more! πŸ’™

Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes and more - via & read what says for in 2020! πŸ₯³

Nextcloud 3.10.1 for Android is here, bringing fixes plus some tips on remote wipe and text files. Read the announcement for details πŸ˜‰

An open platform & place where you can discuss is now online! Are you interested? Read more & join if you have something to say too! -

Friends from have a very extensive review of - check it out if you're unsure if it is the right choice for you!

Files is the most secure and private way to share and collaborate on documents.πŸ’» find out more @⚑️

"Q&A: Out-of-the-box in Hub + new integration features" - find out answers by to the most popular questions @

Here is some good news: the Eu Advocate General has concluded national mass retention laws in the EU are illegal. Countries can not demand that internet providers just keep massive amounts of personal data because it might be useful some day.

"Best known as a do-it-yourself cloud storage service, challenges SaaS vendors with the launch of Hub" words by & read more on : ⚑️

Today will present a talk about Nextcloud Talk: real-time communication platform for teams, completely and !

⏰ Time: 13:55
πŸ—£οΈ Room: UD2.208 (Decroly)

Good Morning !

Find us with our booth-friends and in building H, talks all over:
* Sat 12:00 room AW1.120 - Jos on Nextcloud Hub
* Sun 13:00 Janson - Frank on GPL for business
* Sun 13:55 room UD2.208 (Decroly) - Bjoern on Nc Talk
& more!
Have fun!

Friends from covers the two main ways of getting yourself a and get your data back under control. Use simple signup and get a easy hosted Nextcloud, or set up your own server!

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