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If you need a little break from festive activities here, a few related ideas:
πŸ§ͺ Test the Nextcloud 18 beta
🐞 Upgrade your server to the latest stable releases
πŸŽ‰ meet us at


The holidays are a time you talk more often to family and friends. But if that's hard, you can enlist the services of companies which use ~spy services~ I mean legitimate social media advertising networks to talk to them!

Foreign, public clouds are in trouble:
"Serious doubts over . Advocate General applies ECHR instead of CFR."
Schrems: β€œThe opinion follows almost all of our arguments”

Where is going in 2020? has an article covering many trends including the rise of with some astute predictions!

Have you updated your for iOS to 2.25.2? Dark mode improvements, faster performance, less battery and memory usage plus a cool tip! Check it out πŸ˜‰

Another step in the conversation about the legality of US cloud services and - and not a positive outcome for Privacy Shield. It looks like schools, hospitals and government organizations using solutions like are on shaky legal grounds.

attacks keep increasing, the city of New Orleans had to call a state of emergency. Are you prepared? offers unique ransomware recovery features, developed by a German university - what does your current solution do for you?

has a $10K bug bounty program.
"Is it wise to trust your data to a vendor which doesn’t trust its own product to withstand the scrutiny that comes with such a program?"

Which features do you use for sharing sensitive data? Find out more about video verification, a unique security feature available in your πŸ˜‰

Many modern enterprises are looking to migrate from obsolete windows network drives to an solution. What is EFSS and what to look for? We explain it on our site!

The upcoming release will introduce a brand new workflow engine: Nextcloud Flow. Learn more about it from Frank's keynote!

In January we will be present at Univention Summit 2020! Let's discuss about the new direction of and what should Europe do about digital sovereignty!

EU cities share principles for using citizen data. What's missing is: how to protect the of our citizens! How about not handing the data over to foreign corporations, maybe?

Amnesty International calls Google and Facebook a threat to human rights. We believe that centralization of power in hands of is indeed extremely dangerous. matter for a free society!

Want to learn about user management, sharing and other basics of ? Our partner @HKN_DE does regular German-language webinars about this - sign up for the webinar on December 17!

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