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A new thing in the lastest is write support in . Learn about it from the talk at the conference!

You can replace dozens of badly integrated tools with a single solution for team productivity:
Find out what a content collaboration platform is and what benefits it brings!

continues to get more dangerous and this trend won't stop in 2020. Here three predictions for the new year - all reasons to prepare!

Our team member Nina will be talking at Paris Open Source Summit today about organizational security and complex privacy situations that can arise in open source. Check out the summaries of her presentations and more practical information here!

features a unique set of security capabilities:
🎥 Video Verification
🧹 Remote Wipe
🆘 Ransomware Recovery
💸 $10K Security Bounty
🔍 Automated checks
🧠 ML based suspicious login detection
🔑 PW check with HaveIBeenPnwed
🎫 many 2FA factors

Did you watch the Sunday Keynote from the Conference yet? Executive Director of the Smart Citizenship Foundation & international human rights lawyer, Renate Avila talked about the fight for a better, fairer and more open internet.

Why is increasingly installed in France? Find that out if you're at Paris Open Source Summit, where our team member Olivier will be talking about it 😉

Sweden has concluded that the US Cloud Act is incompatible with the - this means that putting private customer or user data with a US cloud provider is not legal.

has a wide range of user management features:
🔑 password policy settings
🧹 remote wipe
📖 deep LDAP integration
👥 group admins & guest accounts
🎫 lots of factors
And much more!

Baden-Württemberg zwingt die Schulen die Daten ihrer Schüler in die Microsoft Cloud zu legen. Das ist nicht nur schlecht für die Privatsphäre und sondern widerspricht auch den Programmen aller wichtigen Parteien. OSBA Statement dazu.

German state Baden-Württemberg forces its schools to put their data on a foreign Microsoft cloud! The OSBA calls them out, noting this bad for & and it goes directly against all stated political goals of the parties involved!

This week, Tuesday & Wednesday, we will be at Paris Open Source Summit with our partner @Arawa_fr Visit our booth and ask anything about

Are you ready for FOSDEM 2020? We're excited to host a booth again this year and you're all invited to join us for a chat or help us out 😀

This new app brings data analytics to with great visualizations, notification on certain thresholds and even Flow support!

Next week we will be sharing a booth with our partner @Arawa_fr at Paris Open Source Summit! Come and ask anything 😀

When extremely sensitive data has to be handled in an extremely careful way, 's unique Virtual Data Room gives the confidence that data does not leave your control.

If you missed that 779 million mail addresses had appeared in a data breach - don't worry, has not. When you pick a password, we check if it has been breached and tell you to pick another! @troyhunt

* optional feature admins can(should) enable

Why is increasingly installed in France? Our team member @oparoz will be talking about it at Paris Open Source Summit next Tuesday! Read here and find out more!

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