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Have you recently checked out our 🎉 awesome 🎉 clients and what they can do? Tried remote wipe (warning: risk of data loss 😁) or setting up an account with a QR code? Commented on a file from your phone? Approved a login?

Investigative Journalism is important for democracy - and sadly, even western countries spy on and interfere with this work. Not using public clouds is an important step in securing data!

Watch this talk from an investigative journalist to learn more.

It is SUPER easy to ad a Nextcloud account to our clients by using a QR code. See how it works in 47 seconds!

As far as teasers go, this one you shouldn't miss! A data analytics app in development for ... Feedback welcomed by the author @z000ao8q of course. 💪💪

Find a serious security issue in ? You can earn up to 10.000 USD! No other on-premises private cloud solution offers such serious security bounties.

Even worlds' largest companies get hacked, but at least you can expect them to have proper, transparent processes in place to warn you about your data getting leaked, right?

Or not...

Do you have questions about Nextcloud? Our CEO @fkarlitschek will give a talk at Storage-Forum in Leipzig. Check the detail here!

We are organizing a webinar with ONLYOFFICE tomorrow! Sign up and learn how to share, edit, collaborate on documents, and how to configure the solution.

Angela Merkel is worried about the dependencies created by outsourcing IT to foreign companies. This also creates weaker local tech infrastructure and threatens citizens' and data security.

Sign up for our webinar with ONLYOFFICE on Wednesday!
Learn more about the benefits of ONLYOFFICE, how to share, edit and collaborate on documents, and how to configure the solution.

What is behind this thing? An interview about home servers with at with

Spoiler: Jos doesn't have that many terabytes at home, but no please!

Remember, privacy doesn't exist without security! Keep your server updated and follow our announcement channels. If you run NGINX, did you already update the configuration and PHP packages on your server? You should!

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