Time to get updating again, we just published 2 maintenance releases! And if you are super curious about the upcoming Nextcloud Hub 3 (maybe you saw our video of the announcement?) there's a third RC available for testing!!!

Did you miss the livestream of Nextcloud Conference last weekend?
No worries, here is the recording of the announcement of Nextcloud Hub 3!

We're now taking a look at the Bechtle Way of Digital Sovereignty at Nextcloud Enterprise Day, presented by Manuel Thellmann, European Cloud Services Expert at Bechtle.

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Eric Sele, CEO at Shadow and Sébastien Kaiser, CSO at Shadow are at Nextcloud Enterprise Day talking about the partnership with Nextcloud, demonstrated by customer use cases.

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European Data Sovereignty: Is Gaia-X the (only) answer?

Presentation by Stefan Schäfer, Director Product Marketing Central Europe at OVHcloud, during Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

ZGT Hospital: Going beyond technology!

Customer case study exclusively for our Nextcloud Enterprise Day, presented by Ronald Maatman, IT Engineer and Hans-Christiaan Muns, IT engineer.

Check all our customer case studies! nextcloud.com/whitepapers

How to Migrate Sharepoint to Nextcloud: More than just copying data!

Presented at Enterprise Day by Frank Dengler, CEO at audriga GmbH

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What do you need from Nextcloud?

Enterprise Day hosts an open discussion with Nextcloud senior management, providing the perfect setup for IT professionals to define their own strategy and get the most out of their Content Collaboration Platform.

Building a Highly Scaleable Nextcloud Setup: Millions of Users for Nextcloud!

Talk by Bernd Rederlechner, International Principal Lead Architect Emerging Industries at T-Systems, at Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

Check out the full program: nextcloud.com/enterprise-day/

We would like to take the opportunity and thank our partner sponsors of the event: IONOS, Bechtle, and OVHcloud.

Thank you for the great collaboration and support at this year’s Nextcloud Enterprise Day! nextcloud.com/enterprise-day/

Thieu Quan Mach presents IONOS Cloud : The European cloud alternative!

Enterprise Day program nextcloud.com/enterprise-day/

At Nextcloud Enterprise Day Andreas Rode, Chief Commercial Officer at Nextcloud talks about the future trends of content collaboration platforms, a market view and more!
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How to build a Secure & Compliant Nextcloud Setup?

Andy Scherzinger, Director Engineering at Nextcloud, reveals all about it at Enterprise Day.

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Are you wondering if Nextcloud is right for your Organization?

A PoC in practice at Enterprise Day, by Björn Schießle, Presales and Customer Lead at Nextcloud

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How to implement digital sovereignty for your organization with Nextcloud?

Klaus Scheibenberger, Department Manager Systems and Server at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology will share how, at our Enterprise Day!

More customer case studies on our website: nextcloud.com/whitepapers

Did you know that you can have an integrated solution of Nextcloud within Outlook?

Richard Marx from Sendent reveals all about it at Nextcloud Enterprise Day!

Our productivity partners will gladly welcome visitors at their info booth.


Collabora and Nextcloud: Michael Meeks, General Manager at Collabora Productivity, will present the latest news from Collabora and Nextcloud Office at Enterprise Day!

Our productivity partners will gladly welcome visitors at their info booth!


Thanks to ⁦@Senficon⁩ for opening the last day of Nextcloud Conference!

His keynote will be available as VOD in the coming days!

Frank Karlitschek, founder and CEO of Nextcloud, is presenting our company goals and roadmap.

Nextcloud Enterprise Day is the best source to find out about the Nextcloud roadmap and influence it!

Check out the program: nextcloud.com/enterprise-day/

We started the Nextcloud Enterprise Day with coffee, tea and panoramic views of Berlin!
Our experts and partners are ready to greet you at the info booths.

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➡️ Enterprise use cases by customers
➡️ 100% networking and business talks

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