With the Pi 4, running on a Pi has become an even better experience. Heise has a German tutorial on how to make it happen. If German isn't your thing, there are lots of tutorials in nearly every language!

We are super happy to share with you this news! Nextcloud made it to the first spot of all subcategories in Euro am Sonntag contest and won the title of the “Most popular provider” by the renowned German Magazine’s rating!

Our desktop client team published 2.6.5 with support for Circles and many bug fixes! You can also find the second beta of 2.7 for testing. Check out what's new and help us test 2.7!

The Dutch ministry of justice paid for a test of Office 365, finding a series of issues. Just one of these: 6 different companies receive user data including file names, without even a privacy policy.

Did you know Nextcloud has a podcast? Check its second episode out on our website or your favorite podcast service!

With version 4.3.0, @only_office released an update to their integration app, working nicely with the new document editing support in Talk. Read their blog for more details!

📢 Improvements for the Android client have been made available! Read the blog for some and update to version 3.12.1 🎀 😉

🎉 Printing from within Collabora
🎉 Collaborative text editor
🎉 Darke theme


If you liked Kyle's 4 years of history, here's a German post on our forums that's also well worth a read. You can use a translation service if you're not a German reader, of course!

Have some app development skills and looking for work? There are plenty of requests and offers for app work and other features and improvements on our forums!

Kyle from @ubuntu shares his four years with , going over the releases' main features, the Nextcloud Box and the evolution of the Snap image. Great read!

The Crow covers data by example of Peeping Tom, pointing out, among other things, that you should check your Nextcloud settings for security tips!

The latest 4.3.0 release of the @only_office app supports direct document editing during a chat or video call in Talk! Time to upgrade if you haven't already!

Has your IT department ever added up the costs of all the services you use? Wouldn't it make sense to cut risk and costs by consolidation?

Eine Umfrage aus Deutschland zeigt, ist die beliebteste Cloud-Lösung. Google Drive und Dropbox werden von vielen Usern nicht weiterempfohlen.

NWU in South Africa has implemented and @only_office as a combined solution for secure data exchange and safe collaboration on research documents!

Check out the case study and learn more about what Nextcloud has to offer in your industry.

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