The contributor week is nearing its end - tomorrow, everyone leaves. Tonight pizza night & some late hacking. Check our group pic, we'll do a blog later on!

Also, did you see the news we released from our hackweek?

With you can use a video call instead of a password to verify the identity of a user before granting access to shared files!

Back up your data!

You can use, for example, - an backup tool. Here's a link to a white paper describing how!

If you use two-factor authentication with (and you should!), you can enable the admin-support 2FA provider to help users unlock accounts!

Centralized tech platforms are "handmaidens to authoritarianism"
- Carole Cadwalladr, who exposed the illegal facebook ads around

Democracy is threatened by too much power in the hands of just a few tech platforms!

Care about ? Pick as self-hosted solution. Because we care about security, too!

Good example of reliable Content Security Policy (CSP) implementation by @nextclouders

Be careful with hosting on shared infrastructure. Once again, new vulnerabilities are found which can break out of VM's and container boundaries...

One of the many ways to host your own - at a PaaS provider!
Get Dropbox open-source alternative easily deploying and hosting on @hidora powered by Jelastic PaaS @Nextclouders @nextcloudupdate

Want to stay in control over your documents even when sharing content over a public link? Try secure view to remove the download option!

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