European Data Sovereignty: Is Gaia-X the (only) answer?

Presentation by Stefan Schäfer, Director Product Marketing Central Europe at OVHcloud, during Nextcloud Enterprise Day.

Thieu Quan Mach presents IONOS Cloud : The European cloud alternative!

Enterprise Day program

Thanks to ⁦@Senficon⁩ for opening the last day of Nextcloud Conference!

His keynote will be available as VOD in the coming days!

We started the Nextcloud Enterprise Day with coffee, tea and panoramic views of Berlin!
Our experts and partners are ready to greet you at the info booths.

Check the program:

➡️ Enterprise use cases by customers
➡️ 100% networking and business talks

Frank Dengler, CEO of @audriga

🎙️"Nextcloud user provisioning with SCIM 2.0"

"User provisioning is an important aspect of data portability and interoperability, which has not been a major subject of standardization efforts since the times of LDAP"

We are in the Main room of the BuM 🎇 And you?
💙 Tune in

Patrick Lang is on stage! 🎙️

" jtx Board - Bringing VJOURNAL to life on Android "

Jan Suhr, CEO of @nitrokey presents: NextBox - Nextcloud on your own hardware, easy to use

Reliable Nextcloud under your control!

👁️Tune in

From Uganda 🇺🇬 Joseph Zikusooka (Zik) @jzikusooka
CEO, Jambula Labs is on stage Fam ❤️

Presenting ...
"Using Nextcloud in a Smart Home environment"

"Nextcloud, you are really doing a great job!"
Thanks for your kind words 💙

🎙️11 user events your app wants to listen to

"In any ecosystem, each organism has a life cycle, and so have apps and users. And of course, we have an interaction of both." -

Applauses to Arthur Schiwon, Senior Software Engineer at Nextcloud 👏🏽👏🏽

Hear about how EU countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands are moving towards alternative solutions like in open source.

Who is on stage? 🔬

From California 🇺🇸 Mikaela Schneider, Content Marketer in Nextcloud 💙

Applause to Mikaela 👏🏽👏🏽

DAVx⁵ – What's New and What's Next🎙️

Sunik Kupfer, Android Dev telling us about ...

💻 @davx5app is a sync client solution fro android to sync contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals.

Tune in📍

🇮🇳 From India to Berlin 🇩🇪

@nimishaavijay, Ux Designer at Nextcloud👏

✍️ "Contributing to Nextcloud is more than just programming and code. Find out what you can do to make Nextcloud more intuitive, useful, and fun by contributing to the design"

👋 "Hello I’m @PedroPS, Community Manager, UX Designer @collabora and I've been working in graphic design for 10 years now"

@CollaboraOffice has improved in the UX front with many new features and possibilities to use and set up.

Anyone in the room/streaming is also fascinated with this talk? 😍

Raise your hand 🤚🏽

Thanks, Franz Geger, Tech Lead Software Engineer at @Fairphone for this interesting presentation 👏🏻

Tune in 📍

This panel session is on fire 🔥🔥

"I have a provocation; Do we need mobiles? do we need a tracking device on our pocket... it is one per person, even. " @avilarenata

Shaping the future of Privacy with 👇🏽
💥@avilarenata - CEO Open Knowledge Foundation
💥@gael_duval - Founder and CEO at Murena
💥Franz Geiger - Tech Lead Software Engineer at @Fairphone
Daphne Muller, Manager alliances, ecosystem&support at Nextcloud moderating

Panel session: Shaping the future of privacy
👇 👇 READ MORE 👇 👇

✨ How often do we take a step back?
✨ How often do we sit down to reflect?
✨ Are we doing the right thing?

Let's answer these questions in the panel starting at 3,2,1 ... now! 🚀

An exciting moment during the ☺️

Happy Bday to @jospoortvliet 🎂 Director of Marketing at Nextcloud 👏🏻

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