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Tomorrow CEO @fkarlitschek@twitter.com will join @Mattermost@twitter.com CTO Corey Hulen and FrΓ©dΓ©ric Plais from @platformsh@twitter.com to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing tech companies in the time of . Join!

Waiting for 18.0.2? You can already test out the RC and help us make sure we don't miss any important fixes!

To deal with the increased download server load despite a recent hardware upgrade, our desktop client updater now spreads the update notification over time. Today we had still over 50K downloads and we keep an eye on things but this is helping a lot! Thank you for your patience.

The traditional shared data directory in companies is in bad shape: insecure e-mail attachments, illegal use of Dropbox... Legal, practical and financial risks. Control your data and support your workflow with ☁️ nextcloud.com/workflow/

Apologies to everybody who has had a hard time downloading from our download server. Despite a recent upgrade in hardware, getting over 100.000 downloads of the new client on Monday alone caused issues. We're working on preventing this in the future.

Der Prototype Fund unterstΓΌtzt Programmierer*innen dabei, ihre
Projektideen vom Konzept bis in die Betaversion umzusetzen! @prototypefund@twitter.com : Bewerbt euch jetzt mit eurem -Projekt: prototypefund.de

Learn how to use the Hub built-in data analytics tool, which can represent your data with charts and more! ☁️ - tek.io/31S0vBH via @TechRepublic@twitter.com by @jlwallen@twitter.com

Concerned about and other regulations? is the easiest and most reliable way to be compliant. Learn about and how it can help you get your data back under control!

has become a core feature enabling more and : Discover how Nextcloud can help you share what matters. Public link, email or even secure place for recipients to drop their own files: Share on your terms, under your control. nextcloud.com/sharing/

How to enable the OnlyOffice document server in 18 tek.io/3707WYL via @TechRepublic@twitter.com by @jlwallen@twitter.com⚑️

Do you know where your business data is, right now? Who has access? Who can change them, sell them? What terms of service did you sign, did you read them? By your data is always 100% under your control, safe and sound - nextcloud.com/files/#on-prem

Cloud computing in 2020: Predictions about security, AI, Kubernetes and more - tek.io/2EFADyd via @TechRepublic@twitter.com & read what @jlwallen@twitter.com says for in 2020! πŸ₯³

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