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Telekom and Nextcloud offer Collaboration Platform: The joint offering provides the scaleable and comprehensive digital collaboration space businesses, educational organizations governments need to maintain productivity during the Covid crisis and after.

You can still join and register for the @univention Summit!

@fkarlitschek will give a keynote speech about Safe and Efficient Digital Collaboration in 2021: Current developments in the market and the direction being taken by digital collaboration.

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is one of the day-one members of GaiaX, active in the core Products & Services board. The summit is taking place and if you haven't tuned in and are interested in it's time to check it out!

πŸŽ‰ Thank you to everybody who voted for in the @cloudinsiderde award 2020! We are proud that we got first place πŸ₯‡

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20 introduces integrations like Twitter, Zammad, Jira, Github and more. You can configure them from the settings - instructions adapt to your browser (Firefox or Chrome and their derivatives) to make it as easy as we can.
Find them here:

πŸ—‚Deck introduced a nice modal view for editing tasks.
οΏΌπŸ—’Text introduced direct linking to files
πŸ—„Files lets you add a description to public link shares
πŸ“…Calendar introduced a list view
Find out what else is new in 20!

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Edge Computing Solutions to Streamline your Workflow by JJ Jan @AmberEurope

JJ Jan will be live to answer your questions in the end of his talk.

Stay tuned!

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