Irony: Dropbox saved 75 million by moving away from cloud hosting. Perhaps it is worth doing some calculations for your business, too? …

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@nextcloud see, I would have boosted, bit not with a birdsite link, sorry.

@grmpyoldman @nextcloud @bes yeah, it's embarrassing. I don't think they're even reading the toots here. Fediverse seems to be a write-only medium for them.

@grmpyoldman @nextcloud @bes ah, since there's already chance somebody from Nextcloud will read this... for the record, I love Nextcloud to bits and I do believe it's a very important piece of software.

That's one of the reasons why it pains me to see birdsite things in nextcloud's feed here. This community is where the strongest advocates for NC can be found and treating it well is worth it.

Last time I looked into that it also said that they only switched away from Amazon AWS with all the customers outside of Europe, but the European customers are still hosted by Amazon AWS EU.
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