Know some cool women looking for a job? We’re searching for a Javascript developer & Sales account manager

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@nextcloud @ciphertn it is the same as the other way around: interfering with the natrual flow—also called sexism ;)

@suruatoel @ciphertn @nextcloud please realize the privilege that you – assuming from your profile – as a white man in a western society have. Read thegenderblenderblog.wordpress and consider the reasons and implications of the open source community being predominatly white men before posting a short snarky reply.

@nextcloud Great to see that Nextcloud understands this. Keep up the good work, and keep fighting to boost contributions from underrepresented groups 👏

@ciphertn @nextcloud It would be sexist if only women were considered for the role, but encouraging a certain group to apply for a job is not discriminatory.

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