"Teams, Onedrive en Sharepoint onveilig voor Rijk en onderwijs"

A Dutch data protection impact assessment concluded that the government & education sector can not use online Microsoft services for any personal or sensitive data.


Europe will need some alternative local versions of these and some similar (in the cloud) and quite quickly.

@nextcloud This is what we need in NZ. Wondering if European school systems have this problem like we do in NZ:

We have, at least in Germany. Also since this isn't a federal issue, the states do have their own ruling...


Wonderful! Hopefully this will enable me to make a few teams replacements in schools.

@nextcloud Ah, so it's not the "crazy German Datenschutz" – we are not alone :levar_like:

@IzzyOnDroid @nextcloud
And at least it should be the same everywhere in the EU, right? #GDPR...

@nick Yes, so it's good to see others have come to the same conclusions.

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