If you wish to opt-out from the general chat surveillance adopted in the EU, you'll have to host yourself or under your control...

@nextcloud unfortunately this will accomplish little unless people not into FOSS and coding will agree to migrate to our apps and servers

@gabor @nextcloud

And if they do agree to migrate to your server, you just made yourself legally responsible for snitching on your users.


If there is a better incentive for people to figure out how to self-host than all the big hosting providers submitting false child sex reports about you, then we hadn't found it yet.

Lets hope this one works. 🤞

@pre @nextcloud I really should read the text but the impression I get around here is that it's pretty bad 😠

@nextcloud please stay out of politics
Pirate Party > Soros > EU > UN ....= slippery slope

@nextcloud What in the crap?!?!

I assume this is only in effect if my communication touches a server that is in the control of a provider in the EU. Still this is a major blow for online privacy. Jesus Christ!
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