So, you end-to-end encrypt everything so you're not responsible for what happens on your platform (saving lots of money for moderation). Then, you develop tools so you can still advertise based on content. That's ultimate 🤑🤑🤑

Sure... "encrypted."
Maybe they decided to use ROT13
Who holds the encryption key?
Or they are "encrypting" the data, but not meta-data:

At 11:04 your account requested to see an "encrypted" post from a friend.
At 11:05 you request to view an "enrcypted" post from a group named "Arguing with Climate Deniers"
At 11:06 you request to view an "encrypted" post from a group named "Arctic Explorers"
At 11:07 you make an "encrypted" comment on your friend's "encrypted" post.

Facebook algorithm knows to start suggesting adds and content to you about "how to talk to climate deniers", "polar bare extinction", "how to lower your carbon footprint", "penguins starving", and "Green New Deal".  It also knows about what to start suggesting adds and content to your friend.

Any centralized service (even encrypted) still knows who sent messages and posts, who recieved messages and posts, and at what time those messages and posts were sent.

Only properly designed decentralized services using client side encryption with the "recipiant" as the only meta-data can possibly avoid such tracking of its users.
Anyway, Thanks Nextcloud for all your work in helping the world claim their rights their data again with on site services controlled by the one person anyone can trust: themselves!
@nextcloud can you explain to me why you have a gay little rainbow in your bio? Why can’t anyone just develop software without imposing their retarded political opinions on others?

Ich raff das nicht. Vielleicht kann mir das 1 erklären...
Um aus dem Inhalt von Nachrichten Daten zu gewinnen, mit denen ich das Nutzerprofil füttere, muss ich mir doch zuerst einen Reim auf den Inhalt machen. Und das bedeutet doch notwendig, dass die Verschlüsselung leckt bzw. obsolet wird. Egal, ob das jetzt ne AI macht und die Daten vielleicht nur maschinenlesbar sind. Ist "homomorphic encryption" also #BullshitPropaghanda?



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