users on might want to hold off on upgrading to 21.04 - the Nextcloud client is broken, but a fix coming swiftly! Check for more info below 👇
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can someone help me. After upgrade 20 nextcloud start comment error 500. Is there expert in ubuntu apache2 and comment what configuration are best. I remember when php 5 was there was php it didnt stop when load and everything working. with php 7.x there is fcgi and if error configuration is not entered it will  stop work. to upgrade i need to restart much times. What is best configurations and i have installed ejabberd on same machine is there way to make ejjaberd work on port 443, include on second machine i have hubzilla now and it too use .well-known hosts to nextcloud 20 dissapear i had to enter manual 303 in apache2 .well-known if this mean hubzilla will not work. I try seek examples how to make it work. Include my friend has

@nextcloud Strangely though I already had the fix shortly after the Hirsute Hippo upgrade on Thursday - and after switching back from new Wayland engine back to Xorg.
Because not only the Nextcloud client but also Guake and Ulauncher become unusable, with key binding not working under Wayland. But that's another story...

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