📢Nextcloud 21 is here!

🚀10x faster with high performance back-end for Files

📝Collaborative features: Whiteboard, author colors in Text, and Document Templates

🗨Nextcloud Talk: message status indicators, raise hand, conversation description & more!


I clicked the link, and 3 different videos started to autoplay 😆

@nextcloud @selea You are watching the three videos! That must be the reason for the page not loading here! 😂

@nextcloud this is all amazing!

But a). you guys really need to get your site to not go down under traffic; and b). "I love autoplay videos" said no-one ever. :blobcatcoffee:


Yeah it goes down as soon as someone boosts the status here on fedi :D

A tip for reducing the downtime:



I am not sure that static site generators is something they would like to use lol.

I do think they already use nginx, but using varnish+hitch-tls in front of it would be smart.


@selea this is now a bikesheding thread. 😉

If they're using nginx already, then setting up nginx caching is the way to go. Doesn't really make sense to put varnish+hitch in front of it. Why support 3 different tools, when all can be achieved in one?

Additionally, I always found varnish's approach to TLS awkward (and to some extent hostile).

But in the end, whatever gets their site to stay up!


Well, since the repo implied that varnish was a bad solution and stated that nginx had to be infront of it - basically saying that varnish is a bad solution I just stated that since you already expressed your oppinion about it ;)

@rysiek @nextcloud I was about to make a joke about "Nextcloud being 10x faster, but the blog being 100% slower", but decided I should just stay quiet. 😬

The High Performance Back-end for Files in Nextcloud is an optional, binary component developed in Rust.

Is that open sourced somewhere?

@Nextcloud 📱☁️💻
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