@nextcloud @tuxpost2 the idea is great, most examples are not. I've just checked a few: many of them include a bunch of evil trackers (Facebook etc), are sitting behind Cloudflare (ugh, which is even recommended as replacement for Google DNS? Yuck! And Zoom, yikes! Where are the 👎 ?), etc. Some I couldn't even open as they are in uBlock Origin's default blocks.

"Privacy-friendly alternatives to Google that don't track you"? 🤣

So: Yes, please check them out – but look very closely when making your choice!

@IzzyOnDroid @nextcloud @tuxpost2 let's get the good ones on the list then :)

I just suggested #plausible and #jitsi and #bigbluebutton ..

Lacking the time now, but many more #analytics alternatives to add from our github.com/humanetech-communit

@humanetech @nextcloud @tuxpost2 Yes, I've suggested an entire bunch of real privacy-friendly alternatives. Let's see if/when they show up.

Oh, special thanks for the Analytics hint!!! Any of those suitable for Android apps, so I can add them to my F-Droid snippet?


Looks like Posthog might be a candidate…

@IzzyOnDroid Countly as well, if I am correct.

He he he, thanks for snippets.. more candidates for awesome humane tech :D

@nextcloud @tuxpost2

@humanetech Oh, you want more? Are you taking suggestions for your list? Geolocation: microG has some modules; TowerCollector (Android App) feeds MLS and OpenCellID; OsmAnd; Fedi-Apps for Android: android.izzysoft.de/applists/c ; Tracking: AFWall+ and AdAway on Android. In general, my AppLists make things transparent for Android users: which apps are privacy-friendly ("star"), how many (and which) trackers inside…

@IzzyOnDroid is ACRA the resource list you are maintaining?

PS. Note that I decided not to include nomoregoogle because of what's on the list.

@humanetech ACRA is on the GitLab snippet with the F-Droid hints.

And yes, good decision with nomoregoogle. I mean, the worst they have made is claiming "not spy on you", check manually – and then blandly violate that statement. That's like taking Ricin to not be poisoned by Cyanide. They do have good candidates on their list, though, but should not have accepted the bad ones just to get the list full.

@IzzyOnDroid btw, I also maintain the #delightful project. If you are interested to maintain your own curated list..


The delightful project is like awesome project on #github but exclusively for #foss #opendata #openscience

@nextcloud @tuxpost2

@humanetech Thanks, but I'm already maintaining enough stuff, cannot cope with even more: my eBook server, my app lists, my F-Droid repo, the official F-Droid repo… Wish I'd get paid for this full-time, then I could add even more power to it…

@IzzyOnDroid yeah time... pfew. Have the same problem.

Given some time available I'll look to give codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de a good boost. Right now I am just adding something in an issue to add later.

@humanetech Oh yes, please! Looks too empty now. For starters: nlnet.nl/ has quarterly "funders". I had no luck last time, though – but F-Droid once got 10k from them. Ah, it's already mentioned in the issue…

@IzzyOnDroid I am really interested in funding and revenue models for FOSS and sustainable business.

There's another list waiting for me there: codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

(the list must go on, ha ha %)

@IzzyOnDroid I have added some meat to the funding list.. just tooted about them.

@humanetech Cool, thanks! I wish it good growth. I tried the NLNet "lottery" once, but didn't win…

@nextcloud if you want pure and honest services, that don't want anything in return from the users, you should check out the trade-free directory, where exactly those services are being collected: www.trade-free.org/directory/ - hundreds of goods & services added already, but thousands more to add, as there are many more such goods/services out there.

@nextcloud I mean good idea but like a ton of the recommendations are WORSE than their Google counterparts.

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