@happymoomoo @nextcloud I like snaps for services.

>snap install nextcloud

Done, your done, that’s it. No updates, no maintenance, nothing. It just magically works all the time and you never need fuss over it. This might not be true of all snaps, but certainly the nextcloud snaps are exceptionally well done. I’m not here to make a point about my technical excellence, I just want the service.

@happymoomoo Flatpaks are just shit though, nothing good about them that I’ve ever seen.

@Meeper @happymoomoo Well there really all that much of a difference between a deb, an aur package, and a snap. The only real difference is a snap can bundle pre-configured requirements together automatically.

@Meeper @happymoomoo They are, straight up rubbish.

Honestly, snaps for desktop usage seem pointless and bad to me. They are great for fire-and-forget server stuff though.

But flatpaks are just nonsense, they aren’t solving the problem they were intended too, and just end up leaving outdated crap around.

There one, single, usage is for non-AUR distros for when a developer releases a new package that isn’t broadly available in distro repos yet — and that’s only best done as a temporary thing until the next release cycle puts in them the repo properly.

Possibly proprietary software — like if Adobe ever ported to Linux a flatpak would be logical for that case. But for 99.9% of the time they are a step backwards.

@shebang @happymoomoo I literally find tarballs more convenient than snaps or even Appimages

@Meeper @happymoomoo I really don’t see how a tarball could be as convenient as “snap install nextcloud”.

@shebang @happymoomoo (when you have some psycholical fallacies simmilar to OCD(

@Meeper @happymoomoo

I’ve been triggered by the wrong closing bracket, and therefore your opinion is invalid.


I really like nextcloud and all, but seriously:
„One private cloud to rule them all“?

Please reconsider using this LOTR metaphor for marketing purposes.
The whole idea of FLOSS is about NOT having one of a kind ruling all others but having freedom of choice? 🤔

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