Like India, the USA will ban Tiktok to protect the & of Americans. A great move!

Europe should follow this example and block foreign services that do not respect EU law.

@nextcloud Of course is #TikTok a disaster, with or without #China's involvement. But is blocking all foreign services in the EU not exactly the same the Great Chinese Firewall?

@nextcloud The EU do not need to ban then, they need to enforce the law with a rod of iron, as in break the law you WILL be prosecuted fully.

Companies like Facebook and Google have EU offices, so we arrest the executives if need be within our own jurisdiction and hit them will full weight of the GDPR

If they want to operate in the EU they have to comply or get out.

@nextcloud This specific issue seems to have more to do with stopping a company from operating in a given country, but the vague notion that governments have any business *protecting people from software* seems like a short sighted position to me. I don't trust governments to be on the right side of any given issue, and i don't want to promote the idea that governments should be making software choices for The People, even if a specific example happens to line up with my perspective in a given instance. We can make our own software decisions...I can just imagine what the big tech firms would have "greased into law" once people accepted this absurd notion.

@nextcloud I worry more about M$ and USA privacy violators. I also don't like the crony capitalist aspect. Banning TikTok USA makes its value plunge. M$ buys it on the cheap as a crony, then the value goes back up.

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