Just to be clear: The ruling *absolutely* changes your ability to transfer data between the EU and U.S. using MS services. Giving any US citizen access to private data of EU citizens is illegal now under the .

@nextcloud Oh rubbish. US residents, not citizens. And EU residents, not citizens. There are 200k US citizens and 6 million immigrants in France alone. Thank you for not conflating citizenship and residency.

You confuse ability with legality. Nor did the ruling change the law, the law was there already. It just confirmed that GDPR acts as intended.

Also citizenship is irrelevant in the question, GDPR protects anyone within it's jurisdiction.

@leth just like any other "law" it's only as good as it's enforcement. Just so happens that the offending parties live in the world's strongest super power. Try enforcing it and Mr. Prez will slap sanctions/tarriffs on whomever tries to. That's the sad truth.

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