Share the news! The latest Nextcloud Hub v19 is here 🎉

🔒Password-less authentication & more security features
📝Talk 9 with built-in office document editing @CollaboraOffice, grid view & more
🚀Improved performance & much more!

Nice new release again!
Does this mean OnlyOffice is replaced by Collabora? What was wrong with OnlyOffice?


I don't fully understand what's discussed there apart from the usual bugs or misaligned development processes? It happens all the time :) Probably I'm missing something, but I was just so glad about OnlyOffice with its well-made user interface and integration.

@despens @nextcloud as soon as Nextcloud advertised on the NO-Docker app for having a OnlyOffice server on Nextcloud,
OnlyOffice took off a major feature and push it into the paid version.
A nice F•ck you for the partnership.
So Nextcloud decided to get back with CollaboraOffice.

@nextcloud Yay Collabora! Upgraded just yesterday and enjoyed flawless open document editing. Thanks a lot 😘

@nextcloud I just made a compatibility matrix comparison on my personal nextcloud instance and pretty much all my main apps are supported! ( except for a few UX-related apps like files_rightclick, socialsharing_*, etc ) 👌

time for
git fetch upstream stable19;
git checkout stable19;
occ upgrade;
occ app:enable richdocumentscode;

I'll then have 2 online office services running on my personal cloud. I don't think anyone would have that 😎 🤓

apart from the obvious newer features in the release 👏

@nextcloud was that meant to happen?

I don't know if this is because I'm on the git version, but I had to replace 8 apps from the release tarball for the upgrade to even start.

this upgrade has more than hiccups 😕

the last time ( v18 ), some apps didn't have a release for the latest version at all. this time the releases were at least listed, but the upgrade is 💩 ing too much on me 😥

@nextcloud oh, apparently there was an update to the app that it couldn't find _during_ the upgrade. and I was dumb enough to not try an `app:update` after the upgrade.

I noticed it only after I logged into my account from the browser.

*false alarm* 🙏

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