is taking it to a new level - after leaking your webcam data to anyone who knows your computer's IP for Mac & leaking your data to Facebook on iOS, Windows 10 is next with leaking your login credentials.

@nextcloud Don't know why people don't just go use Jitsi instead. Opensource, free, can be self-hosted. It basically has about all the features Zoom has, except for needing an account and leaking of data... ;P

@nextcloud Does anyone know if the #Zoom client for linux has been audited for similar leaks?

@theprivacyfoundation @nextcloud since it is a windows vulnerability that zoom doesn't have a workaround for, I doubt it matters outside windows. Unless you're putting I'm a very wide range of potential vulnerabilities in "similar".

@theprivacyfoundation @nextcloud
not that I know of, but my zoom client on Manjaro regularly messes up my ID and password, rendering an ugly mess of random numbers and digits, so I'm pretty confident whoever looks into it will be up for a good laugh!

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