Talk is the most secure way of communication and collaboration! Calls are encrypted and not even meta-data leaves your server. Watch the short introduction @⚡️

@nextcloud just used it for the first time and the quality was great!

@nextcloud It doesn't work well for more than two participants in my experience. Which is a real shame - its otherwise a great tool.

@nextcloud so much random slowdowns while typing with some one. Not a great app for the moment.

@nextcloud the link to the video about the NC Talk app is invalid due to missing blank at the end. The link is

Besides of that it's a pity, that the conferencing feature is limited to less than 4 participants, and there is no other solution for that than the quiet expensive high performance signaling server you offer.

What about an alternative that can also be installed on premise. Or at least a more affordable price?

@angry We at #HumanConnection do regularly online video meetings with up to 50 persons. I never found an open source solution for that throughput.

For me it feels, that simply WebRTC is not enough. It seems, that from a specific load on the data has to be condensed on the central server side. With Jitsi we had success up to about 3-4 people. With 8 people and more we experienced random drop outs and such.

If somebody knows about an open solution with video which can handle bigger throughputs i would be very happy to know about that.


@herrdoering you're doing meetings with 50 persons!? With Nextcloud Talk without the high performance signaling sever? Or did I missunderstand your answer?

@angry Currently we use But this is a closed source client and the service is hosted.

We had tried out jitsi and some other products, which are based on it, but nothing really worked for such a big audience.


I'm really thankful for all your work and making it open source.
But your statement regarding meta data is not true in my opinion: Because if you use the Android app you also start using google firebase.

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