UN employees are no longer allowed to use Whatsapp messaging due to security risks. Does sensitive data from your organization still float around on public chat apps? It's time for a fully on-premises solution that is integrated with your infrastructure.

@nextcloud Leider mangelt es an einer sinnvollen Desktop Lösung, die sich bei eingehenden Nachrichten meldet. Man sieht diese nur, wenn man Talk als aktive App im Browser angeklickt hat, an einer Markierung im Browsertab. Wenn es eine Desktop App für Windows und Linux gäbe wie z. B. von Signal, wäre es für uns tatsächlich eine Alternative.

@nexusplasma , frach mal Deine Chefin, ob sie dafür ein Budget locker macht. So paar hundert Euro, nicht mehr. Wenn ein paar zusammenlegen, geht das ruckzuck.

Ich glaube mit dem nächsten Release des Windows Clients wird sich da etwas tun.

Is there a mobile client that looks and feels like modern messaging apps?

As far as ia understand Talk uses webrtc, wich is a technology integrated in every modern browser. So, technically, it'S kinda open. @nextcloud

@x2ero @nextcloud WebRTC is more of a transport protocol, right? It's not a chat protocol. There are #XMPP clients that do A/V over #WebRTC as well (like #Jitsi Meet).

It's a signalling protocol, sort of like #SIP but peer to peer.

And I've just told you all I know about #WebRTC (and #SIP). 😜

@x2ero @nextcloud

@0 @x2ero @nextcloud Ah so WebRTC is a signaling protocol as well? Like Jingle? But I was under the impression that Jitsi Meet used Jingle for signaling and WebRTC for p2p communication.


> Ah so WebRTC is a signaling protocol as well?

As I said, I've exhausted my knowledge of #webrtc in my previous post. 😛 I understood it as something that takes care of setting up, keeping open and tearing down a channel for you to send whatever you like inside it. But I might be well off the mark here. I have zero experience with it. 🤷

@x2ero @nextcloud

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