UN employees are no longer allowed to use Whatsapp messaging due to security risks. Does sensitive data from your organization still float around on public chat apps? It's time for a fully on-premises solution that is integrated with your infrastructure.

Is there a mobile client that looks and feels like modern messaging apps?

As far as ia understand Talk uses webrtc, wich is a technology integrated in every modern browser. So, technically, it'S kinda open. @nextcloud

@x2ero @nextcloud WebRTC is more of a transport protocol, right? It's not a chat protocol. There are #XMPP clients that do A/V over #WebRTC as well (like #Jitsi Meet).

It's a signalling protocol, sort of like #SIP but peer to peer.

And I've just told you all I know about #WebRTC (and #SIP). 😜

@x2ero @nextcloud

@0 @x2ero @nextcloud Ah so WebRTC is a signaling protocol as well? Like Jingle? But I was under the impression that Jitsi Meet used Jingle for signaling and WebRTC for p2p communication.


> Ah so WebRTC is a signaling protocol as well?

As I said, I've exhausted my knowledge of #webrtc in my previous post. 😛 I understood it as something that takes care of setting up, keeping open and tearing down a channel for you to send whatever you like inside it. But I might be well off the mark here. I have zero experience with it. 🤷

@x2ero @nextcloud

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